Must-Have Bathroom Accessories to Make Your Bathroom More Functional & Appealing

Must-Have Bathroom Accessories to Make Your Bathroom More Functional & Appealing

As the bathroom is such a critical part of our life, we can change the whole vibe of our bathroom by adding the right bathroom accessories. Carefully selected bathroom accessories would increase the charm of your bathroom many times.

Sophisticated bathroom accessories are what make your bathroom stand out from others. If you are not sure which bathroom accessories you must have in your bathroom, here are our recommendations on this.


Soap ledge:

A polished looking soap ledge can surely make a huge difference in the look of your bathroom. Finding the perfect soap ledge is important as it has the ability to change the entire look of your bathing space. It is recommended to install your soap ledge close to the shower region. This will not just make accessing the soap easy but also protect the soap from other bathroom accessories.

Visit MrMarble now if you are looking for custom designed soap ledge in Toronto at the best price range. Their corner soap ledge encompasses a curved front that is ideal to keep your shower products. You can choose a color and design that best suits your needs and shower space.

Shampoo holder:

This is yet another important accessory that your bathroom must have. If you are looking for a functional and visually appealing corner shampoo holder, MrMarble has you covered as well. Their corner shampoo holder is a surface mounted accessory that is placed on a direct corner in your shower. It is designed to hold shower items on the very top, in the middle and there’s a ledge for a bar of soap. Like soap ledge, our shampoo holders are also available in a wide range of color options.

Shower seats:

Shower seats have always been in use to make showering easier for people, particularly for those with disabilities and elderly people. You’d probably be surprised with exactly how convenient a wall-mounted shower seat can be. Though it is often used for disabled individuals, it can be used by anybody who needs it. It also adds to the visuals of your bathroom as modern shower seats are available in a wide range of design and color options.


At MrMarble, they offer a wall mounted corner oval shower seat for added comfort in your shower space. Their shower seat comes with a textured surface to offer a non-slip grip to the users. To ensure maximum support we recommend the shower seat needs to be installed onto the studs.

For custom designed bathroom accessories there is no better service provider than MrMarble. Feel free to take a tour of the website now!

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