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Hello, Mr. Marble is happy to see you here and is super excited to help you in providing any kind of bathroom products that can make your bathroom look like a unique and classy one. If you are looking for the best shower wall panels then Mr Marble is the right choice. The quality of shower wall panels you will receive will amaze you because they are of top quality providing a very strong and superior bathroom.

Mr Marble is providing exceptional products for the bathroom since 1985 and is a well-known and trustworthy supplier of products for building beautiful bathrooms which you have always dreamy of. We will guide you in every step of bathroom making. We will let you know the different options available and which one will be perfect for your bathroom but we will always go for your satisfaction and your approval. The satisfaction of customers is what we always prioritize. Mr Marble will amaze you with exemplary services.

Shower Wall Panels Toronto: So, let us take you to the varied options of shower walls panels for making your bathroom a super amazing one. The available options for shower wall panels are WP1, WP2, WP3. We provide fully customizable maximum sizes up to 60″ x 100″ and 93″ x 120″. You can have shower wall panels of Aqua, Marble, Emperor, Abrak, or Granite and in different colors like S81 Latte-Solid, S04 Steele-Solid, S09 White-Solid, S02 Moka-Solid, M816 Cabana Premium Marbleized, M33 Marbleized, M35 Marbleized, M37 Marbleized, M815 Fawn Premium Marbleized, S75 Biscuit Solid, M75 Swirl Marbleized, M09 Linear Marbleized.

You will receive the most beautiful and high-class shower wall panels from Mr Marble. The panels will make the look of your bathroom so alluring and so admirable. With Mr Marble, you will exactly have the bathroom you have dreamt of.


We will put great effort to build your dream bathroom. You will receive fabulous shower wall panels from Mr Marble. We have two types of wall panels, one is smooth lime and the other is a textured line, you can choose anyone. Mr Marble will provide an attractive look to your bathroom. With us, you will have an amazing experience in the bathroom building. Mr Marble will turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

If you have any query then do contact us. We will answer your query in detail.

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