Major Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Major Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

The garage door spring is something we perhaps never think about – right up until the day it completely stop working. Being a leading service provider of professional garage door repair in Germantown MD one of the most common queries we receive from our clients is ‘why did the spring on their garage door break?’

Listed below are some of the major reasons why garage door springs break or stop functioning altogether.

The springs in your garage door perform nearly all the heavy work of raising your door irrespective of whether it is operated manually or automatically. The torsion or extension springs make it feasible for anyone to lift a garage door that might weigh 100 pounds on the low end & several hundred pounds on the high end. You can even lift it with one hand just because of the spring.

Garage door springs do wear out with continuous use. The average lifecycle of a spring is ten thousand cycles with each cycle being one opening & closing of the garage door. This entails that a door that undergoes 4 cycles a day you might anticipate to replace your spring after somewhere close to 7 years of use.

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On extension springs, there’s very little can be done to prolong the lifespan. In the contrary, with a torsion spring you can assure full life cycle by lightly lubricating the coil of the spring to decrease friction. If your overhead door undergoes a great deal of use and spring breakdown is a persistent issue it can be fixed by choosing extended cycle springs. Your garage door service provider will help in making the right selection for your needs.

It’s also critical to keep in mind that extension springs sometimes don’t break but rather ‘stretch out’. This is quite simple to identify as the space between coils when the door is closed is usually consistent. The space between the coils will become pretty inconsistent when the spring fails without breaking. This condition is rather noticeable and if exist the spring need to be replaced promptly.

Finally, always keep in mind that garage door springs are under heavy tension & can be life-threatening if not managed correctly. It’s always recommended to get the spring adjustment or replacement done by a qualified garage door technician.

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