Live Stream Your Indian Wedding During This COVID 19 Era

Indian weddings are popularly known as Big Fat Indian Weddings as celebrations happen over multiple days at different locations. Because of COVID-19, most Indian weddings are affected and today most of them are happening with intimate ceremonies in presence of close family members and friends.

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Most guests aren’t permitted to travel because of present COVID restrictions across the globe. Does it entail, you can’t celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime gala of being together? Does it entail, all your close buddies won’t be able to see you much-awaited wedding?

Here at Peter Nguyen Studio, we’ve been pretty inventive in bringing the technology that can be employed to stream your Big Fat Indian wedding live so that your friends and relatives can witness your ceremony & send their blessing your way.

We offer exceptional live stream video from multiple cinema cameras, great sound quality, and stable stream that can make a huge difference for your virtual guests. A Professional Live Stream Management Hub lets us pick the right angles to stream & monitor the audio level to improve the viewing experience. When you are planning to broadcast the most important event of your life to a wide audience, going pro is your best bet. Call us now to schedule your appointment. More info at

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