It’s Time to Consider Electrical Panel Upgrades for Your Home!

It’s Time to Consider Electrical Panel Upgrades for Your Home!

Wear and tear is a universal issue and it applies to your home just like to anything else. Even if you take good care of your house and property, follow all the rules, take good care of your house, use all appliances with care, your home wiring and electrical system may still need updating. Most homeowners dread the idea of electrical panel upgrades because they regard it as expensive, or worse, unnecessary.

But the truth is, the investment is still worth it if you take into account the risk posed by a poorly functioning or outdated electrical panel. A panel typically functions somewhere between 20 to 30 years, but you still need to check it from time to time, as we are consuming more electricity now than ever before and a 20-year-old electrical panel might not be equipped to handle that amount of energy.

Panel upgrades will give your home the ability to process more power and distribute it throughout your home more effectively and efficiently. When it comes to electrical panel upgrades, you have several options –

  • Upgrade electric panel to draw more power into your home
  • Replace components that are old or damaged
  • Add circuits to add more outlets in your house
  • Upgrade circuits to meet current electrical safety standards
  • Replace problem-causing circuits to remove electrical risks

How to know it’s Time for Electrical Panel Replacement?

If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, it may be time for electrical panel upgrades.

Electric Shocks: Do your outlets spark you when you turn them on or plug something in?

Home Remodels: If you are revamping your home or expanding it, remodeling is the perfect time to upgrade or replace your home’s electric panel to meet the new demand.

Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently: If you have circuits that frequently overload, then your electrical service might not meet the demand. Your usage is exceeding your supply.

New Appliances: Installing new appliances may see the biggest power draw. Because many appliances now require 240v rather than 120v.

Increase in Family Members: If your family has grown, then you must be consuming more power. These days, children and adults have their own phones, tablets, and laptops. And if you are working from home, then you are using more electricity too.

Get Professional Electrical Panel Upgrades

Take the hassle out of electrical panel up-gradation with licensed electricians you can trust. American Lighting & Electrical Services can make high energy bills, fire hazards, and overloaded circuits a thing of the past by upgrading and replacing the electrical panel in your home.

Contact us today and we would be happy to make sure your home power supply is safe and adequate.

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