Innovative Experiential Marketing Campaign – Give A Boost To Your Business Turnover

Innovative Experiential Marketing Campaign – Give A Boost To Your Business Turnover

An experimental marketing campaign is a complex undertaking that requires deep dedication and attention! Is it time for your company’s brand to make a more meaningful connection with your target audience? Then, it may be wise to count on experiential marketing to your budget. An experiential marketing campaign brings your brand to life with unique experiences. It is all about direct engagement with consumers and creatively interacting with them in a memorable way.

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Technology and social media have made it easier for companies to market to their consumers in some ways. You probably come across many advertisements while surfing the Internet, billboards, tv ads! But, how many of them can you recall right now? Such marketing strategies lack the connection and interaction that makes a lasting impression on consumers. You probably may not remember most of them as such advertisements lack interactions. Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that engages the consumer and creates a real-life experience. It is a unique marketing campaign that focuses on getting the consumer to experience the brand in real and remember.

There are so many services & products out there to market your business in a way that will grab customer attention and stick in their minds. The Experimental marketing campaign in Kenya provides a personal connection that allows prospective clients to remember the product or service. It is more productive than a billboard or advertisement because it appeals to the customers’ emotional side. An experiential marketing campaign in Kenya is a driving force to make your business brand memorable, create brand awareness and affinity. This marketing appeals to clients of multiple levels, and it is different from traditional marketing. It is a kind of real-life event where the consumers can participate. If you take it at a glance, then some of the experiential marketing include:

  • Organizing business gatherings, events, festivities, award ceremonies, etc.
  • Trade show activities and several kiosks at promotional shows
  • Samples or demonstrations
  • Unique parties that fit best to different business brands
  • Retreats
  • Work together to accomplish positive things in the world.

Although some experiential marketing campaigns involve live events that people typically think of, others can still last for a few hours. Whatever the format, the experiential marketing campaign has proven to boost your business ROI and is a very effective alternative for marketing executives. Experiential marketing transpires in a physical setting. Leading experimental marketers initiate incorporating online elements into their experiential marketing strategies. Intelligent technology and virtual experiences will accelerate and positively affect company turnover. Such an experiential marketing campaign can be organized anywhere along the customer’s journey. This marketing strategy remains very much helpful in


  • Team build-up and growth: It takes the marketing to a whole new level while involving the customers
  • Brand awareness: Get exposure to display your business in the market!
  • Brand affinity and loyalty: Building positive experiences on customers and enticing them for conversion.
  • Offer prospects to try your product: Offer the alternative for opportunities to touch, feel, or taste products that other marketing campaigns may not do.
  • Expand cross-channel efforts: Give people the opportunity to talk about it on social media with a fun activity and a hashtag.
  • Lead generation: Excellent platform to generate new leads and increase ROI,
  • Gather more contacts: Multiple contact information and data on prospects.

The experimental marketing campaign is very productive and benefits your business marketing like never before. Aquila East Africa is a leading practical marketing agency in Kenya that constantly explores unique marketing solutions and innovative experiential marketing ideas to grow your business. If you want to add an experimental marketing campaign to promote your business, then visit today!

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