Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring Orange County Wedding Photographer

There is no doubt about it that choosing a professional photographer for your wedding can feel overwhelming. Our advice? Decide on your photography style first and then look for professional Orange County wedding photographers within your budget. Once you have narrowed down your list to two or three potential options, bring in these questions to ask the wedding photographers and see if you feel at ease around them.

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We cannot stress enough how important it is. This is almost as crucial as their skills/expertise behind the camera. You will be spending your entire wedding day with this person and if you are comfortable, you will not only have an enjoyable time, but they will also get better shots to capture. See all the most important questions to ask Orange County wedding photographers, below.

What styles do you specialize in?

This might be the most important question to ask your wedding photographer. Most photographers use an amalgamation of several different photography styles, but you will want to make sure they can shoot the particular style that is important to you, for example, portraits, candids, and more. Going with the style the photographer has the most experience with will give you the best results.

Do you shoot both Digital and Film?

When digital is the most preferred and common today, film shooting has had a resurgence. If you prefer the later, ensure the photographer has all the relevant skills and expertise required to execute the format. Along with finding how many weddings they have shot in total, let them know how many you want to be taken with film.

What is exactly included in your package?

When comparing fees, check whether albums, prints, as well as other extra coverage like engagement shoots, are covered. If you are having your photographer use film, also ask about film costs and processing fees.


How many hours of coverage can you expect? How much do they charge for overtime?

If overtime is going to cost you a ton, you need to plan their hours accordingly. For example, if you have seven hours of coverage but your photographer charges a huge hourly rate for overtime, you need to think about rescheduling your event. Or, you can opt for a longer package to pay a little more upfront and avoid the hourly overtime rate later.

What are the deposit and total fee?

In addition to the deposit and total fee, you also need to ask when it is due.

How are we supposed to get the photographs after the wedding?

You will want to see your wedding photographs as soon as possible. Waiting for them to arrive soon can be pretty agonizing. But if you know in advance, you can keep a hold on your (and your family’s) expectations.


So, before hiring the best Orange County photographer for your D-day, do not forget to ask these important questions.

We wish you all the luck for a happily ever after!

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