How to Select the Correct Kitchen Cabinet

How to Select the Correct Kitchen Cabinet

When you are in the middle of designing a new kitchen, selecting the right style of cabinets can be tedious. There’re several different styles, colours and materials to pick from.

There’re a lot to think about how to select kitchen cabinets for a kitchen redo, but here are Mega Stone’s 3 tips to aid with your decision.


Decide whether you want custom or pre-fabricated:

If you have the money to invest, custom cabinets are a great option to go with. A pro kitchen design company will take a blueprint of your space and find out all the best ways to make the most of the storage, style, and efficiency of your new kitchen cabinets.

Maximize your storage:

If you are a type of person who does a lot of cooking, then you perhaps have so many appliances, utensils, white goods, and foodstuffs to be storing away. If you are in a smaller home or apartment, you perhaps struggle to avail places to keep everything inside your kitchen.

As such, it is an excellent idea to think about ways of maximizing the space in your kitchen cabinetry. For instance, kitchen drawers are turning out to be more commonplace in contemporary designs because they enhance organization and let you store more stuff in a stacked vertical manner.

Think how you wish your kitchen to be organized:

If you are a bit of an organization junkie, the kitchen remodelling can truly satisfy your inner control freak! There’re several unique ways to make your kitchen more organized & tailored to the way that you like to store your appliances, food and utensils.

For example, utensil dividers are a simple way to keep baking tools away from knives or keep meat-roasting thermometers separate from frying tools. If you’ve different kinds of kitchen utensils for many different kinds of cooking, separating these tools is an excellent way to keep you organized mid-bake.


Decide upon a cohesive color story:

The color story of your kitchen must be cohesive, even if it is a simple one. Your colour story is fundamentally the colour palette of your kitchen and how all of the shades marry together to make the space feel spacious, warm, comfortable and elegant. No one wishes a kitchen that is all one colour – it is boring & lacks dimension.

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