How To Find The Right Balance Between Your Upper & Lower Kitchen Cabinets

How To Find The Right Balance Between Your Upper & Lower Kitchen Cabinets

In today’s modern homes, kitchens as functional spaces kept hidden away are no more the norm. Today, you can design your kitchen to make it more aesthetic & functional. When designing a kitchen, cabinet designs in the kitchen, their dimension, placement and quantity are the most important aspects to consider.

If you are all set to design the kitchen in your new home, we’ve got some useful tips that may aid you find the right mix of kitchen cabinets.

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Find balance:

A well-organized kitchen area features shelves and cabinetry that are designed while keeping in mind the usage of the kitchen. You can generally use upper cabinets to store lighter and smaller stuff. This may include glassware, dinner sets, etc. On the contrary, you can use lower cabinets to keep heavier items such as pans, larger pots and more.

Keep it to a minimum:

You can streamline the look of your kitchen by having fewer cabinets on the upper level. This will also make the space look airy, open and organized. By keeping the upper cabinets at a minimum you can also free up space to showcase photographs or wall art, thus offering your kitchen a unique personal touch.

Have a perfect balance between the upper and low cabinets:

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, we don’t recommend to go with lesser upper cabinets as storage can be a problem. Luckily, you can still balance the lower and upper cabinets by having them in the correct shades. Make sure that you opt with a light finish for your upper cabinets and a dark/dull finish for the lower ones, creating a perfect balance between the two levels. Also you can opt with glass for your upper cabinets which help in offering your kitchen a lighter and airier look.

Opt with open shelves:

Open shelving is an excellent choice for upper cabinets particularly if you own a few superb looking dishware and cookware that you wish to display. By doing so you can add a hint of your unique taste to your kitchen design itself. This can be countervailed by keeping the rest of your kitchen simple and minimalist. Customized and functional open shelving can be designed to attain a unique look even in lower cabinetry.


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