How To Choose Your Granite Fabrication & Installation Company in IL

How To Choose Your Granite Fabrication & Installation Company in IL

When you first walk into a home, the first thing that you notice are the countertops. It is no surprise why first-time home buyers often try to find local granite fabrication and Installation Company in IL to add immediate value to their home. When it comes to making your house look brand new, nothing surpasses granite.

As granite countertop is a big investment, choosing the right fabricator is so important. While many consumers are price conscious, the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” holds true. There’re many other factors that should be taken into consideration besides price, before making a decision. Keep in mind that you only have one chance to pick a quality fabricator & installer. What happens if you base your decision exclusively on cost, but in the end don’t like the fabricators work?


You may be stuck with some poor workmanship & a custom-made product that cannot be returned. Following are some things to consider when shopping for a granite fabrication and installation company in IL:

Years of business: Ensure you inquire the fabricator, “how long they’ve in business?” There’re a lot of start-ups out there that may lack the knowledge and experience to do a quality job. If the fabricator has been in business for a while, the chance is good that you will find quality workmanship.

Warranty: It’s critical to confirm up front, if the fabricator will back their product with any sort of warranty.


Showroom/ fabrication facility: Does the fabricator own a showroom & a fabrication facility? If no, you may wish to inquire, “Where does the work get done?” In the event the fabricator has a showroom & fabrication facility, you may wish to take a tour of their facility. You might wish to inquire about the equipment & the fabrication procedures and see their personnel in action.

Installation: While most reputed fabricators install their products, there’re a few that don’t. This is a vital question to ask, as the entire process runs much smoother, when the fabricator manages everything from the measure to the fabrication to the installation.


Customer service: As with any industry, customer service is really vital. You might wish to find out if the fabricator you’re considering to work with has a customer service staff to answer questions that may come up. Do they know the product? Can they answer your queries in regards to stone care & maintenance, and colour and material questions, etc?

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