How to Choose Marble for Different Surfaces

How to Choose Marble for Different Surfaces

From white, beige, green, red, pink and black, there’re innumerable marble stone colours available in the market. It’s a metamorphic rock, which shines on polishing. Marble floor slabs are derived from marble stone blocks that are dense, hard and homogenous. If you’re thinking to bring home this hard-wearing stone floor, ensure you consider the below listed factors.

How to select marble for flooring?

Soft & lighter coloured marble is favoured for flooring in homes where light has to be reflected more. White marble is usually the most preferred for homes, but grey and beige are catching up.

While cream, beige and white marble stay classic options, you can go against the grain and check out other shades from the rainbow. More &more people these days are getting experimental with their options & leaning towards grey marble and other darker colors as well.

How to select marble for wall cladding?

Wall cladding with marble is an excellent way to draw attention to focus walls or specific areas of the house. Brilliant hued marbles are usually the way to go. Nonetheless, softer hues with dramatic patterns also infuse a touch of refined elegance to your interior space.

How to pick marble for countertops, table tops?

Natural stones for kitchen islands, tabletops and countertops are show stoppers in their own way. They brighten the room & earn praise from guests while also catering as a robust surface that lasts for ages. This is also why there’re no hard & fast rules to comply with while purchasing marble for tabletops and countertops.

Let your imaginative side shine & go for contrast or complementary stone that ties in together with the rest of your room décor.

You can practically make use of any marble for kitchen countertops and backsplashes, particularly with 3D surface finishes. Are you persuaded towards busy, striking patterns or moderate stones with lesser veins? Irrespective of what you like, it can be used in your kitchen to a great effect.

How to select marble for showers, bathrooms and washrooms?

Darker shades take the prize for showers & washrooms though lighter shades are not very far behind. For washrooms, bathrooms, powder rooms, etc. the typical choices are brown, black and dark grey.

They don’t etch & stain easily. Moreover, they usually come with contrasting veins such as Belgium Black & Noir St. Laurent black marble, which adds to the character of the personal spaces apart from looking extravagant.

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