How Often Do You Need To Dust Your Chicago Home

Some questions just never look outmoded or unrelated. “How often should I dust my home?” is surely one of them. And relying upon a few variables, the answer might be a bit different for every person and house. However, one thing is very true that dusting at a regular interval can drastically decrease the amount of energy and time you spend in making your house clean & free of allergens. 

But do you need to dust every day, every few days, every other week, or just intermittently? Let’s have a look at some of the aspects that affect the dusting quandary & find an answer that’s suitable for you. 

How often you should dust really comes down to a matter of your personal health. It is safe to say that the more often you dust, the cleaner your house environment will be from possibly harmful allergens, but everybody reacts differently to the environment around them. People who are allergic should dust more often – particularly during seasonal peaks. Begin with one time a week & see how you respond. The same rule is applicable for families with pets and small kids. All the activity increases the dust level, letting more dust accumulate over a shorter span of time. Individuals who don’t have allergies and pets or kids can curtail their dusting every other week, relying on personal liking. 


Always use a damp cloth for dusting:

When you dust your home, ensure to make use of a damp fabric or a material that’ll attract & hold the dust instead of putting it back into the air to settle again eventually. A damp microfiber cloth generally works best. Ensure the cloth isn’t very wet to avoid leaving wet marks or streaks on wood furnishing. 

Cleaning Service in Chicago

Why hire a maid service in Chicago?

Though there are several health benefits connected with dusting more often, dusting might also come down to a matter of appearance. Most of us would cringe at the thought of entertaining friends, family members, or guests in a filthy house. We’d all wish to dwell in a house that could pass even the sternest white glove test. Sadly, not all of us have the time and energy to dedicate to dusting as often as required, but there is a solution in the form of maid service in Chicago

Hire a maid service through reliable platforms like ChoreRelief and find maids who can dust and take care of other chores of your house with absolute professionalism.

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