How Do You Simplify General Freight Management in Perth?

How Do You Simplify General Freight Management in Perth?

In the Australian transport industry, few big corporations dominate the market by capturing a maximum share of the market revenue. Small-medium operators outnumber the large corporations significantly. However these SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprise) , have limited resources in technology and don’t have direct access to marketing. All of these factors make them struggle to operate business sustainably.

LOGiST genuinely is designed with SME’s in mind and takes the hassle out of these businesses by bringing direct opportunities. They help simplify general freight management and extend their reach to surpass any boundaries.


Usually, general freight consists of manufacturing equipment, tools and other essential resources. In addition, specific food categories come under the available freight. Any load that can’t be categorised to a niche is transported to its desired destination under the general freight.

However, general freight companies in Perth work on moving loads in standard load-carrying vehicles. They include both full truck loads and less than full truck loads. You can say that general freight is the backbone of the Australian economy. It helps move loads from the manufacturing and agriculture production unit to the distributors at the destination.

When it comes to freight management, trucking routes do matter a lot. Take a look at the common trucking routes with general freight:

General freight moves from the south to the north and from the east to the west part of Australia. The trucking routes impact significantly on deciding the freight route pricing. Therefore, it’s better to choose the routes with less demand and supply of load trucking services. These routes should make it cost-effective to move from Perth to Sydney and Perth to Melbourne.

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But moving freight in the opposite direction can be an expensive investment. So you may even need to make strategies for load movement to ensure maximum cost efficiency. For example, when moving freight from Perth to Melbourne, from Sydney to Brisbane and Sydney and Melbourne, you can take advantage of the same affordability in freight transport.

Such type of freight transportation is otherwise known as backloading. More often, freight companies in Perth can quote expensive quotes for handling transportation in one way, and the way back is usually provided at lower quotes.

How Do You Simplify General Freight Transportation Process?

To simplify general freight transportation, you should look no further than LOGiST. Our online marketplace connects shippers and carriers to ensure effortless and smooth general freight in Perth. Though general freight is a broad spectrum category, you need to look for carriers with experience to handle urgent and valuable shipments as possible.


Usually, general freight services are interstate and include many freight container transport vehicles. All of our carriers work adhering to Western Australia and other applicable regulations to ensure hassle-free load move throughout the landscapes. As a leading logistics marketplace, LOGiST is committed to connecting you to general freight companies in Perth through a simple, secure and trustworthy platform.

Whether you need a transport operator or are looking for a load, LOGiST can help you find your next logistics business partner and help you manage your freight in a secure and timely way through one connected system. For more information about our freight management process in Perth, please get in touch with us at 1300 563 045.

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