How Do You Choose the Right Shingles for Your Residential Roofing?

How Do You Choose the Right Shingles for Your Residential Roofing?

Residential roofing is a significant aspect of home maintenance in Atlanta, GA. It is the primary protection against leaks, wind, and weather. Unfortunately, so many shingles make the right style for your roof extremely challenging. However, you can take help from a professional residential roofing supplier in Atlanta, GA, to decide on the roofing shingles. Please read the post and know the type of shingles that work best for your residential roofing.

Residential Roofing Supplier in Atlanta GA

Consider materials and styles.
Many roofing shingles are available, including asphalt, wood shake, solar, clay, slate, and metal. In addition, you will find different styles like three-tab, dimensional, and luxury or designer styles.

Consider the type.
Asphalt shingles are the most common types of shingles that most homeowners in Atlanta, GA. They are also called three-tab shingles. They are flat, lightweight, and more affordable compared to others.

Luxury shingles are the type of high-end laminate shingles. They have more definition, rich colors, and elegant designs that add more curb appeal to your home décor.

Solar shingles are directly integrated into your residential roofing. They allow your roofing to absorb solar energy and look much smoother and more subtle.

Cedar tends to be one of the most popular materials used for the commercial roofing system. It can cost up to 50% more than other shingles but provide incredible benefits like durability and leakage protection during wet conditions. Slate shingles are available to protect buildings from harsh weather. Often, they are heavier, so additional support might be required to install them at construction sites. Sure, designer asphalt shingles are available that mimic the look of wood at a lower price point.
Consider other factors.

Most homeowners in Atlanta, GA, are looking for innovative ways to make their home green. Apart from installing smart thermostats and wasting water, you can also consider investing in a greener roof.

The roofing material you choose should insulate your home and reduce energy costs. You can choose solar shingles to generate clean energy and invest in metal shingles for sale in Atlanta, GA. These shingles are a recyclable alternative to residential roofing as they benefit the environment to a greater extent.

You may consider the colors of roofing shingles as they can significantly impact curb appeal.

Apart from aesthetics, you want your roof to hold up against weather and other external elements. Therefore, you should consider climate conditions and ensure the roofing materials hold up better against the wind, ice and snow. In addition, they must resist algae to prevent unsightly algae from growing on your roof.

More importantly, you need to consider your budget. Certain roofing materials are costly to buy and install. You should discuss with a residential roofing supplier in Atlanta, GA, to learn more about your options.

Choosing quality metal shingles for sale in Atlanta, GA
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