How An E-Tender Platform Can Help To Apply For Agpo Tenders In Kenya

How An E-Tender Platform Can Help To Apply For Agpo Tenders In Kenya

If you are a woman, a youth or a person with a disability, you can apply for 30% of the AGPO tenders in Kenya. To join AGPO tenders, you must follow specific steps like registering as a business enterprise at the Attorney General’s Office and following certain norms as laid in the prescribed form. However, the actual problem starts after that. You need to be aware of the publication of AGPO tenders and apply for it. You may miss noticing those opportunities when busy with your business. However, there is a way out. It is to be a member of an e-tender platform.


Let us see how such online platforms can help you to apply for AGPO tenders in Kenya.

What you need to do to be a member of such an online platform 

To have help from such online tender platforms, you need to register and create an account. Doing such, you can have a username and a password to gain access to your account. Then, you need to subscribe to the preferred category and location. Like in this case, you need to subscribe for AGPO tenders and mention locations like Nairobi. Finally, you need to pay the relevant nominal charges via MPesa.

This is what you need to do to have access to such online tender platforms.

The help that you can expect to have 

There are various kinds of help that you can receive from such an online tender platform. You will get an SMS alert when there is a publication for a new AGPO tender in your subscribed location. You do not have to bother about keeping a look out for such a tender release. After receiving the SMS alert, you can be into your account and have all the details about the released tender. You can know about the reference number, the institute and company floating the tender, the description of the tender and the date of closing. If you feel it is your cup of tea, you can apply for the same. 

The most significant benefit of being a member of such an online platform is that you do not have to be in your location to access such information. You can be anywhere in the world, and it is possible to have an SMS alert and access to your account. 

Reputed online tender information platforms are the most trusted source of information. So, you can entirely rely on the information shared. 

Tender Yetu Kenya

The SMS alert not only offers you information about the release of the tender but, at times, also offers an online link to the application. It does your job to apply for an AGPO tender easier and quicker. 

It is not that you can only apply for one category of the tender; you can apply for various categories and have SMS alerts for all those. 

If you like to have such ease while applying for AGPO tenders in Kenya, it is wise to be a member of Tendasili. They are the leading online platform for sharing information on various tenders. You can call them at (+254)714 555 554 to know more about their services.

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