Get Your Eye Game Strong with These Top Waterproof Eyeliners!

Get Your Eye Game Strong with These Top Waterproof Eyeliners!

Eyeliner is a type of make-up product that is mainly used to deepen the make-up effect of the eyes. It is used to deepen the contours of the eyes and make them brighter. Eyeliner is a key product for eye make-up. Eyeliners are also divided into eyeliner pencils and liquid eyeliners. Both function in the same way and are similar in appearance to pencils. The eyeliner pencil requires a small knife to sharpen the excess wood and improve the thickness of the pencil before it can be used. The eyeliner pencil does not need to be so fiddly. You just need to make sure that the pencil has enough liquid in it to be able to draw.

Most eyeliners are prone to smudging. If your eyeliner smudges a lot, it can ruin the overall look of your make-up. This is where a Eye liner Waterproof pencil is essential. Eye liner Waterproof usually do not smudge. It produces a smooth, clear line. The pencil tip can be placed close to the lashes to draw exaggerated or detailed lines elegantly. Different combinations and techniques create a sophisticated and perfect eyeliner effect. The eyes shine and glamour.

Shop the Eye liner Waterproof that will beautifully redefine the eye at the Vivacious Cosmetics factory. Refined with a formula of high quality ingredients, it is smooth to the touch. The waterproof eyeliner has a fine, smooth texture, excellent colouring ability and a long-lasting, non-removable finish. And because the waterproof eyeliner pencil has a fixed thickness, it draws a more even line. You can choose an eyeliner pen with a softer tip. This way, the skin under the eyes is not easily damaged when applying make-up. Our Eye liner Waterproof provides smudge proof, flake proof, cry proof staying power. The ultra fine brush tip lets you create any look, from thin delicate lines to bold cat eyes.


This innovative eyeliner has a tank delivery system that allows the perfect flow of richly pigmented color with every application for precision, accuracy, and ease of application.


Our waterproof liquid eyeliner comes with long-lasting, all-day wearability. It is resistant to water, sweat, oil, and sebum so you can hold that bold and beautiful eyes throughout the day. Our no-smudge vegan eyeliner with quickly fixed color lasts long without smearing or smudging at any moment.



Crafted for a smooth and delicate touch. It comes with a 0.1 mm brush featuring a thin tip but no skipping. The moderate flex tip brush helps the intense pigment to cover evenly, giving you optimal control and easy draw smooth makeup experience.

Vivacious Cosmetics factory has a wide range of core technologies for colour cosmetics products such as eyeliners, eyebrow pencils and eye shadows. It has a full range of expertise to help beauty retail brands solve their problems. With a supply chain that has been in the industry for many years, we are committed to the skincare and beauty business. Vivacious Cosmetics factory has a professional brand operation team. We actively introduce a large amount of well-known beauty information from home and abroad. We have created a one-stop convenient wholesale platform for the market for the entire range of colour cosmetics products. Anyone in need is more than welcome to come and buy wholesale.

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