Garage Door Opener Types: Choosing the Right One for Your Need

Garage Door Opener Types: Choosing the Right One for Your Need

Home or business owners don’t even realize that there are numerous garage door openers available in the market. You can select the best one based on the size, weight, nature of garage door operations, the space available in the garage, and your budget. Let’s know about each garage door opener and its benefits.

Chain Drive

Chain drive garage door openers are considered as one of the most commonly used ones among home or business owners. It is not only affordable but dependable as well. It is why the chain drive garage doors are known to be the popular choice among homeowners. The metal chain and the gear used in it are performing consistently for years. It is suitable even for heavy doors. But it is a little bit noisy and needs maintenance from time to time.

Belt Drive

The belt drive used in its openers has a similar mechanism to move the garage door. But it uses belt drive instead of chain drives. It is also reliable in the operation process, and it is much quieter as well. These openers are a bit more expensive than chain drive openers but give the added benefit as it is less noisy. It is disruptive, and you won’t disturb others or family members who are sleeping at night.

Screw Drive

Screw drive garage door openers are very much quiet, and they are fast in their performance. The best part of a Screw drive garage door opener is it is lightweight or single-car garage doors. The screw and gears can wear down quickly with heavier entries and constant use. However, you must make sure to lubricate the gears and regularly screw to avoid premature wear. It is recommended for homes that have separate small-sized garage doors.

Wall Mount

Wall-mounted garage door openers are also known as jackshaft or straight drive openers. Such openers are perfect when there is little or no space for a traditional overhead garage door opener. A system of pulleys and cables are used to operate the garage door. These are reliable garage door openers Baltimore MD and some of the quietest openers available in the market. Depending on your needs, they are nearly similar to a belt drive option, and their price is almost the same as belt drive openers. If you’re upgrading the existing opener, then consider going for a wall mount as well.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Technology makes a tremendous change in every part of our life. It applies to the garage door as well. You can add intelligent systems that make you alert if the garage door is left open. You can even operate it through your smart phone from a distant place. Smart garage door openers also come with optional add-ons like carbon-monoxide sensors or a parking-assist feature, and much more. You can add it to your place to make your lifestyle easy and make your space secure.

If you wish to replace your garage door opener, think of the best one that makes your space safe, and it should be easy to operate. You can rely on the Baltimore Garage Door to finalize the best garage door opener you need. You can call or text them today at (410) 705-6175 to schedule an appointment.

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