Fast Facts about John Deere Motor Graders

Fast Facts about John Deere Motor Graders

What Is A John Deere Motor Grader Used For?

A motor grader is a construction machine with a long blade that is used to create a flat surface during grading. It uses its blade to level out an area of land by scraping off the high points and filling in the low points. The leveling action of the blade also helps to compact the soil, making it more stable.

How Does A John Deere Motor Grader Work?

Motor graders have a long blade that is attached to the front of the machine. The blade can be raised or lowered and tilted from side to side. The operator controls the blade with levers inside the cab. The machine also has an engine that powers the blade and other hydraulic functions.

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What Are The New Features Of The John Deere Motor Grader?

John Deere motor graders use top-of-the-line technology to provide the operator with more control and productivity. Here are some of its note-worthy features:

Auto-Shift Plus

With Auto-Shift Plus, operators can use the throttle and brake to control the entire machine. This is a first in motor grader history. Because of this, operators no longer have to concern themselves with using the inching pedal, manually selecting gears, or stalling the machine.

Machine-Damage Avoidance

Machine-Damage Avoidance is exclusive to John Deere motor graders. With this feature, Blade movement is ultimately limited, preventing damage to steps, structures, and tires, even in the most complex machine positions. In turn, operators can focus on making the grade.

Blade Stow

This means that operators can easily prepare their John Deere Grader for transport at the push of a button. The feature stows the blade and ripper, turns on the lights, automatically raises the moldboard to a predetermined angle, and enables Auto-Shift all at once.


John Deere graders have automated machine movements, including raising, rotating, and flipping the angle of the blade. This means that operators can make these adjustments at the press of a button. This feature now comes standard on all John Deere Grade Pro models, as well as all SmartGrade machines.

John Deere Motor Grader Models

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John Deere offers a full line of motor grader models, consisting of:

  • 620G/GP
  • 622G/GP
  • 670G/GP
  • 672G/GP
  • 770G/GP
  • 772G/GP
  • 870G/GP
  • 872G/GP

Where to Get Your John Deere Motor Grader

RDO Equipment is your trusted John Deere dealer, offering the full line of John Deere motor graders. With 29 locations across Australia, we’re sure to have the right machine for your needs.

And with our expert team of service technicians, you can be confident that your John Deere motor grader will keep running like new for years to come.

To learn more about John Deere motor graders, or to find the nearest RDO Equipment location, head on to the RDO Equipment website.

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