Exterior Painting – The Issues, Causes and Their Solution

Are you looking for experts providing exterior painting in San Francisco Bay Area? Before you further begin your search check out the post below for understanding when and how to fix exterior paint issues.

Our home’s exterior is the first thing that people notice about it. It also describes us, our lifestyle and personality. That is why; it is extremely important to keep the exterior of our home refreshed and up to date, and the best way to do that is painting it yearly once!

However, there are several things that affect the beauty of the paint film on the exterior of our homes. From harsh sun rays to snow to rain to hail, our house takes a lot of abuse. With long term exposure to such weather conditions, the paint starts failing eventually. However, when you know how to identify the cause of the issue, it will help you solve it with ease and keep your home aesthetically appealing without much investment.

Let us have a look on some of the commonly seen problems with exterior painting and the different ways to fix them.

Problem #1: Peeling of Paints


  • Old Paint – Inadequate scraping of old paint coatings before applying the new coatings is one of the most common cause behind paint peeling.

Solution: Before applying a fresh coat to the exterior make sure to scrape out the old coat completely. You can use pressure wash to clean the surface and remove any peeling paint then scrape any leftover peeling area and feather the edges using sandpaper.

  • Moisture – When water finds its way behind the paint coat applied, the moisture hence caused results in peeling.

Solution: Ensure that no leaks are there in the gutters or the roof and the surface is dry and clean. Also, make sure to caulk all the cracks and butt joints in the siding well.

  • Coating without Primer – If the paint coating is applied directly over the surface such as bare wood or a glossy surface, there is a loss of adhesion between the paint and the substrate it applied to, hence using primer before applying the coat is highly advised.

Solution: Use primer where necessary before applying the paint. You can take help of experts to know whether primer application is necessary or not.

Problem #2: Blistering


  • Moisture – Due to the exposure of the paint coating to high humidity, dew or rain shortly after drying, the moisture is formed beneath the coat. This moisture leads to blistering.

Solution: Avoid painting late in the evening when dew settles in or too close to the time when rain is forecasted.

  • Contamination – Before applying the paint if the surface is contaminated with dirt, grease etc., then it causes loss of adhesion and hence blistering.

Solution: Scrape the surface off well. Hand scraping the blistered areas to remove any leftover paint that is not adhered to the surface is recommended. Use sandpaper to feather the edges. Also clean the surface up using pressure washer.

  • Excessive Heat – Usually due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight some surfaces tend to get excessively heated. Applying paint coats to an excessively heated surface can also cause blistering.

Solution: While applying paint coats to the exterior of a home try to focus on the sides that are not in contact with direct sunlight. If the surface is extremely hot then skip it and go to another side of the house.

Problem#3: Alligatoring


  • Such a problem is unique to oil-based paints. As oil-based paints aren’t that flexible, over time it begins to split and crack. This condition occurs due to lack of expansion and contraction with the surface beneath.

Solution: Remove old oil-based coating as much as possible using hand scraping or any other preferred method. If you are applying oil-based paint to the new surface then replace it with Acrylic latex paint.


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