Dos & Don’ts When It Comes to Granite Kitchen Countertop Maintenance

Dos & Don’ts When It Comes to Granite Kitchen Countertop Maintenance

If you fail to maintain your granite kitchen countertops, they are likely to get scratched, lose their shine, and sometimes even chipped. Consider the below-listed dos and don’ts if you don’t want to waste your investment and wish to uphold the exquisiteness of your granite countertop.

Do make use of a mild water and soap solution to get rid of grime and dirt. In some cases, a special cleaning solution might be needed, but as a professional granite fabrication and installation company in IL, Mega Stone advocates discussing the best cleaning solution with your countertop supplier prior to moving forward.


Don’t ever try to clean your granite kitchen countertop with oils, lemon juice, or any acidic substance that your misled family member or friend may suggest. Granite does not dull or scratch easily, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Do take advantage of pro repair & cleaning services provided by granite countertop manufacturers. Not all providers provide such services, but many can aid you fix scratches or smalldamages without denting your wallet.

Don’t keep lotions and creams on your countertop. These looks to be less menacing in comparison to acidic substances, but they can leak and penetrate in the stone, cause stain on it. Always keep your toiletry stuff in the bathroom.

Do use a soft fabric to clean the surface. Sponge can also be a good alternative. Steer clear of using a brush or any other identical items with uneven surfaces.

Don’t spill acidic substances such as wine, coffee, or tomato sauce, on your kitchen countertop without cleaning up instantly. Accidents are unavoidable, so just ensure to wipe out the spill as soon as it occurs using a soft fabric.

Your local granite fabrication and installation company in IL might offer you useful maintenance tips when you purchase your countertops, so never hesitate to ask. Here at Mega Stone, we specialize in granite fabrication and installation, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality of service at the best price point.


Our products are always fabricated with the highest precision and quality and employing state of the art CNC technology. By using advanced machinery, we save time & resources, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Both residents and business owners trust us when it comes to granite fabrication and installation in IL.

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