Common Ice Machine Problems Requiring a Visit by a Professional Repairer

Common Ice Machine Problems Requiring a Visit by a Professional Repairer

Having an ice machine at your house is helpful; however, it is necessary for commercial operations. It is possible to make clear ice using ice machines. Many retail establishments in Lake Oswego, Oregon use the ice to chill drinks, have the best food displays, cold beer, and many other refrigeration requirements.

Unlike refrigerators and freezers, there are many more components associated with the ice machine. Over time, these parts can break down and that is when you need to call a professional repairer to have the best commercial ice machine repair in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Ice Machine repair

It is good to know the common ice machine problems that you may face. Such knowledge will help you not to waste any time but call a professional repairer.

Not making ice

Not making ice is the most common problem that you can have. There are many probable solutions to this problem. The solutions are easy, but the tricky part is to identify the actual reason. If you face such a situation, it is wise to call a professional repairer expert in commercial kitchen appliance repair and not try DIY methods.

Having no water in the machine

No water in the machine is also a common ice machine problem you may face. The problem is with the water inlet, which controls the flow of water into the machine. However, as there are various parts in an ice machine, some other defective parts cause the problem. The commercial repairer has the expertise to determine the actual cause and rectify it at their first visit.

No water over the evaporator

If there is no water over the evaporator, then the ice machine can’t make ice. The cause of this problem may be the water pump. If there is such a problem, then the water pump requires replacement. In this situation also, the commercial repairer will come prepared with a replacement pump and make your ice machine work again.

Not having cold water

The common cause of this problem of water not getting cold is associated with a gas leak or a defective compressor. A commercial repairer will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and offer you the perfect solution.

The machine getting hot

If you notice that the ice machine itself is getting hot, you must understand that you will face a more significant issue if not attended by an expert commercial ice machine repairer. The problem may be with the evaporator fan; however, the expert technicians are the best person to depend on so that you can avoid having other more significant issues.

Not manufacturing ice

A faulty bin full switch may be the cause of this problem. If the bin full switch is defective, then the machine will not understand when to make ice and when not.

If you face any of these problems or any other problem and require the best of commercial ice machine repairit is wise to contact Rox Services. They are a reputed commercial appliance repairing organization in Lake Oswego, Oregon, whom you can rely on to have the best of repair services. Call 5035092026 to book an appointment.

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