Cambria Stone Products – An Ideal Way to Incorporate Sophistication to Your Home

Cambria Stone Products – An Ideal Way to Incorporate Sophistication to Your Home

Cambria stone products especially Quartz is considered as one of the long lasting and ideal products for home surfaces. The higher durability of Cambria stone products allows the surfaces to withstand heavy wear, tear, weight and frequent use. For instance, if you are an amateur cook and your knife slips off the cutting board, there will be no unpleasant cut on the surface as it is hard enough to sustain. Similarly, regular wears and tears are unlikely to leave any mark on the surfaces regardless of how many different people use the surfaces.


Maintenance of rental properties takes a lot of time and money while it is a daunting task for owners as well as tenants. And in such scenarios Cambria surfaces come into the picture as these surfaces do not require regular maintenance like sealants or any special cleaning solutions. You can easily clean these surfaces using soap and water. Even the spills and splatters cannot harm the Cambria stone surfaces as the nonporous material does not get faded or warped when exposed to standing water.

Where Cambria Quartz Should be Used?

Cambria quartz and other stone products are one of the ideal multifunctional surfaces; hence are perfect for applications all over your home. Following are some of the best places where you can incorporate Cambria stone products within your house:

  • Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens are the heart of any home and are used frequently. The Cambria stone products are heat resistant and nonporous in nature, hence these surfaces are unlikely to get damaged permanently. Moreover, these products are easy to cut and fabricate, hence, can be used efficiently for shaping your kitchen countertops to the exact curves of your kitchen without many visible seams. And the best part of these products is that these are hygienic due to its non-absorbent properties that helps in preventing the growth of bacteria from absorbed spills. Besides that these surfaces are scratch resistant.

  • Bar Tops

Cambria stone products are an ideal choice for bar tops which are frequently exposed to spills, citrus acids and require regular wiping and cleaning with sanitizing products. And as these surfaces are nonporous these do not absorb the splashed or spilled liquids and hence do not swell, warp or get stained even when exposed to highly pigmented liquids like wines. Also, these surfaces do not react with citrus acids.


  • Bathroom Vanities

If you wish to add sophistication and elegance to your bathroom vanity then incorporate Cambria stone products to it. Not only do you get an appealing bathroom vanity but these products are highly durable that ensures these surfaces remain pristine in the long run. Be it your makeup stain or heat styling tools, nothing can cause damage to your bathroom vanity.

  • Desktops

Desktops provide an ambiance to professionals that conveys significance and offers comfort to get down to business. Frequently used properties by working professionals like more and more popular co-working spaces can be best utilized when adorned with Cambria desktop surfaces as it enhances your commitment towards work.



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