A Guide to Building a Backyard Putting Green on Concrete Surface

A Guide to Building a Backyard Putting Green on Concrete Surface

The best thing about artificial putting green turf is that you can install it over almost any surface with ease. How about building a backyard putting green on concrete?

Installing an artificial putting green turf on concrete is an excellent option for a small putting area, play area, patio, and more. With the right type of padding and infill, the artificial putting green turf offers a better look and feel than the natural alternative.

Reasons to Cover the Concrete Surface with Artificial Putting Green:

  • For a better look: If you want to convert your boring concrete surface into something interesting, installing artificial putting green is the best option. It looks vibrant and creates an evergreen impact.
  • Get a non-slip surface: Ice, moss, algae, or mud build-up makes concrete slippery. Concrete requires constant maintenance to make it a non-slip surface. Installing artificial putting green turf offers a low-maintenance non-slip surface that saves you money and keeps you safe. Maintenance for the artificial putting green is limited to keeping it clean, brushing, and avoiding damages with furniture or substances.
  • Affordable: If you want to improve your concrete, artificial putting green turf is an affordable option and fast to install.

Here are the basic steps to lay artificial grass on concrete.

Assess the Area:

Check that the concrete on which you are laying the artificial putting green turf drains water properly. It is essential as it will help to prevent any drainage issue of water from the artificial grass. If the concrete does not have proper drainage, drill holes into the ground to give the water a suitable place to drain. Do not make big holes: 16mm would be ideal. After the holes are made, fill those with pea gravel. It ensures that the water can escape and be absorbed.

Clean the Area:

Before installing, inspect that the concrete is a smooth surface. Any loose stones could damage the artificial putting green turf. It is best to brush the concrete surface to remove any debris. When installing and laying artificial grass on concrete, it is essential to check that the concrete surface has been brushed up and cleaned thoroughly. It helps to avoid any ground imperfections that may show through the grass.

Install Shock pad:

Installing a shock pad underneath the artificial green putting turf offers a soft landing. You can also double up the padding and infill materials to get a natural look and enjoy a better cushion that prevents injuries if someone falls.

Lay the Artificial Green Putting Turf:

Roll out the artificial putting turf onto the clean area and make sure it is fixed in place. Once the turf settles down, trim the edges carefully to get the perfect shape. Glue the edges and stick down the joints as per the requirement.

Brush it up:

Use a stiff-bristled broom to push the fibers of the artificial green turf into the upright position.

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