7 Maintenance Tips after Artificial Putting Green Installation in Your Backyard

Are you done with your artificial putting green installation? A backyard putting green creates endless hours of fun for everyone, especially golf lovers. But do you have any idea how to maintain your artificial putting green? An artificial putting green installed in your backyard indeed remains green and presentable throughout the year with low maintenance. Caring for putting green turf involves proper day-to-day management to enhance its functionality and look.

Artificial Putting Green Installation

Here are some simple maintenance tips to maintain the quality look and feel of the artificial putting green turf.

1. Handling the Mild Stains:
What to do if a plate goes tumbling to the ground at a backyard barbeque, a pet leaves its mark somewhere in the yard, or an alcoholic beverage spilled over? For mild stains like cola, alcohol, pet urine, coffee, tea, and other simple everyday substances, cleaning is relatively simple.

– Be prompt in cleaning up a spill quickly. It is the best way to ensure that the spill won’t leave a long-lasting, stubborn stain.

– Soak up the spilled liquid with a dry absorbent like kitty litter or use a towel.

– Rinse the area with a mixture of a mild household detergent and water. Do not worry; it will not harm the artificial putting green turf.

2. Removing the Stubborn Stains:
What can cause stubborn stains on your backyard artificial putting green? Substances like cooking oil, crayon, pen ink, grease, and suntan oil can leave behind stubborn stains. You can rinse the area with a mixture of 3% solution of ammonia in water to get the best results. If a stain doesn’t respond to an ammonia mixture, try using mineral spirits to draw out the stain from the artificial putting green turf. You can gently rinse the area with mineral spirits and blot up the excess liquid to make the putting green turf stain-free.

3. Picking up the Sticky Stuff:
What if you find a tree sap or chewing gum stuck in artificial turf? It can be a bit frustrating for you. But luckily, it is relatively easy to remove the sticky stuff from your putting green turf. Use dry ice or aerosol refrigerants to freeze the sap or gum off.

4. Managing the Pet Solid Waste
Do you have pets? Having pets doesn’t mean you must constantly clean your artificial grass turf! To maintain the putting green turf in its best condition, clean up of pet waste properly. Before you remove the solid waste, allow it to dry. Clean the area after removing the pet solid waste.

5. Doing Routine Maintenance
Artificial putting green turf owners should follow a few routine steps to maintain its quality and longevity. Follow a routine of clearing the grass of debris, cross brushing, and rinsing. It helps artificial turf achieve a long, useful lifespan.

6. Using the Right Equipment
For routine maintenance and care for your artificial putting green turf, use the right and a few essential tools.

– A hose is less required but still helpful for rinsing the grass when needed.

– A leaf blower or a lawn vacuum is also helpful for removing fallen leaves.

– A rake is essential to keep the fibers of the putting green turf fresh and unmated.

7. Cleaning, Rinsing, Brushing- Do Regularly
To take care of your artificial putting green on a routine basis, follow these steps:
– Remove debris from the grass. It is essential after high winds or thunderstorms. By removing branches, leaves, and other debris, you protect the putting green turf from damage.

– Rinse the putting green turf regularly. It helps in removing dust and pollen.

– Brush the grass in high-traffic areas. Cross brushing helps the artificial grass avoid becoming matted and keeps it looking fresh, strong, and beautiful.

Your backyard artificial putting green needs a little but the best care and maintenance to keep it in optimal shape. By following simple tips for cleaning and maintenance, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting, and greener backyard artificial putting green turf.

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