6 Unique Ideas For Artificial Grass Install

6 Unique Ideas For Artificial Grass Install

Want a picture-perfect lawn? Maybe an artificial grass install is an answer! It solves watering, weeding, and fertilizing woes. But how perfect it is?

More and more people are now moving from real grass to artificial turf and it is creating ripples in the interior design sector. It inculcates life into one’s home with green without the difficulty of actual grass maintenance. Also, with its increase in usage, artificial golf green is becoming a personal favorite among Americans.

Let us tell you some other ways how you can use it at home.

Previously, artificial golf green was only for vivid golfers to play gold whenever they want irrespective of the weather and season. But recently, many homeowners have started using it in various corners of their homes. It is best for spaces where grass cannot grow or where maintenance of grass is next to impossible. It is flexible, eco-friendly, and so much more!

Artificial Grass Idea #1: Balcony

The obvious corner of your home – the balcony is the ideal spot to start with when it comes to artificial grass install. Who does not love a lot of greenery in their balcony, and if it comes with zero maintenance then it is just perfect. It will give your balcony floor a face-lift of sorts!

Artificial Grass Idea #2: The Deck

If you are lucky enough to have a large deck area and want to divide it into zones, then an artificial grass install will be of great help. You can install artificial grass in your seating area to separate it from the rest of the space. This will give an interesting touch to the regular look of that zone.

Artificial Grass Idea #3: Staircase

Having artificial turf walls on the staircases is a great idea. You can patch it up with plants which will give an illusion of a vertical garden. This will playfully suggest a change in ambience.

Artificial Grass Idea #4: Foyer

An unusual but popular choice to install artificial turf in, the foyer can sport this trend in style. If the entire wall seems like a lot to pull off you can play around with patterns. You and your guests will feel refreshed as soon as entering inside.

Artificial Grass Idea #5: Kid’s Play Area

Artificial grass install is popular for being resistant to extreme pressure and harsh conditions. They are also soft on kids and that is what makes them an ideal option for the kid’s playing area. It is safe for kids and they will love playing on it as it gives a  significant area to mess around in.

Artificial Grass Idea #6: Bedroom

Does the bedroom sound like an ideal spot to install artificial turf? Well, it might just lit up the look of your entire room without much effort. A panel of artificial turf in any one corner will make you feel fresh every time you enter the room. You can match the interiors to create a soft green ambience to further elevate your senses.

Have these ideas inspired you for artificial grass install in your home? Well, what are your waiting for? Order them today!

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