6 Most Common Types of Shipping Containers Available Today

6 Most Common Types of Shipping Containers Available Today

Did you know that about 90 percent of the world’s cargo is transported by ships? It is no surprise that to accommodate such a huge volume of cargo, there’re several different kinds of shipping containers available, each employed for a diverse purpose.

Discussed below are the 6 most common types of shipping containers available.


General purpose containers:

Also known as “dry containers”, general purpose containers are totally enclosed, protected from the elements and weather proof, with a firm roof, side walls and floors. As the most common type of container, dry containers are employed for most kinds of normal goods.

Flat rack containers:

This simple looking storage container possess collapsible sides that can be folded to form a flat rack. The end walls are firm enough to allow load securing so they’re perfect for shipping cargos that are huge, such as vehicles on tracks, heavy machinery, big reels and construction materials.

Open top containers:

An open top container come with a convertible top that can be totally removed. This is ideal for load that’s over-height and can’t be loaded easily via the door, such as lofty machinery or other bulky finished products whose handling & loading can only be conducted with a crane or rolling bridge.

Double door containers:

Also known as tunnel containers, double door containers have doors on both ends. These containers are really useful for quickly loading & unloading cargos, and they make a uniform wider room for merchandises like iron and steel. Both sets of doors have the same locking assembling& weather tight seals to keep goods protected from the elements.

Open side containers:

Open side containers are pretty identical to standard, general purpose shipping containers, the only difference being that the doors can open entirely on the side as well. This feature gives much wider room & access, which makes loading & unloading materials easy. Open side containers usually available in 20′ and 40′, and they offer ample space for extra-large goods that cannot fit through the standard doors.

Tank containers:

These containers are made of strong steel or other anti-corrosive materials for the transportation of water, oil and other liquids in bulk.

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