6 Important Things at Home that Requires Cleaning Often

Most homeowners in Chicago are pretty good at cleaning up counters, taking up the trash, mopping the floors, etc. A reliable house cleaning company in Chicago is available to serve your cleaning needs. But there are lots of things in your home that require cleaning more often. Take a look at the things that you should clean up regularly:

  1. Trash Can 

Trash is probably one of the dirtiest things in your home. It’s because trash is where you keep your garbage. Therefore, you should consider cleaning and disinfecting your waste regularly to keep it from building up germs. 

  1. Couches 

Generally, couches accumulate dirt particles from clothes and crumbs from your snacks, making them one of the dirtiest furniture pieces in your home. You should consider vacuuming your couch regularly, and don’t forget to clean underneath the cushions. 

  1. Kitchen Sink 

Dirty dishes, food scraps, pots, and utensils make it easy for bacteria to build up in your kitchen sink. That’s why you should clean the food and plates you eat every day. It’s highly suggested to clean your sink regularly by using an all-purpose cleaner. 

  1. Light Switches and Doorknobs 

Light switches and doorknobs are something that you touch the most in your home. Even if you wash your hands often, it seems easy for germs and oil to build up. Therefore, you should wipe them down regularly by using a disinfecting solution. 

  1. Shower and Shower Curtain 

Moist environments build up growing conditions for mold and mildew. Ensure that you clean your shower by wiping down the floor, walls, tub, and door or shower curtain using a cleaning solution. Always use a brush to clean up the grout effectively. 

  1. Baseboards 

Baseboards can build up dirt and dust particles, and most homeowners forget to clean them regularly. You should consider using a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean up your baseboards effectively. If you find any scuffs, you can use a damp sponge to take care of them.

Final Consideration –

House cleaning is an essential aspect of life whether you enjoy it or not. It’s a lot easier if the cleaning task is done in an orderly way. Most house cleaning apps like ChoreRelief allow you to hire one of Chicago’s most reliable house cleaning services. 

You’ll get more organized and cleaning done much faster with a specific cleaning schedule. Our house cleaning app is available for androids and iPhones to streamline your program or set up new ones. Try the ChoreRelief app to find the best cleaning company in Chicago, make your life much easier, and stay on top of house cleaning. 

With our ChoreRelief app, it’s easy to hire trustworthy cleaning services in Chicago to care for your cleaning needs. Prepare a cleaning checklist and let your house cleaner know if there’s anything you’d like them to handle. For more information about our house cleaning services in Chicago, please contact us today at https://chorerelief.com/contact-us-chorerelief/

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