5 FAQs to Ask Car Transport Companies in Perth

5 FAQs to Ask Car Transport Companies in Perth

Leaving the vehicle transport to the car transport companies in Perth means you fully believe in your service provider. A vehicle is a significant investment for most people as it takes a large portion of your wealth. So, you must ensure that the car transport is done successfully.

More often, people overlook certain factors when transporting their cars. So, you must focus on these factors to avoid mishaps throughout the process. You should ask frequently asked questions (FAQs) to car transport companies in Perth. It’s the right way to get the best value from your investment and ensure that your car is transported safely by an experienced, reliable, quality-assured service provider.

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Here are a few FAQs you should ask car transport companies in Perth before hiring:

  1. How do you ensure the safety of customers’ vehicles?

Every car transport company works adhering to standard operating procedure. They will explain it to you thoroughly. You can ask them how they keep the vehicles transported safely on the road. Know about their loading and unloading process.

  • What process do you use to keep the vehicle safe?
  • Do you use enclosed vehicle transport?
  • Are you certified as per the Australian service standards?
  1. Do you offer transport insurance to customers?

Every car transport company should provide enormous protection to ensure the safety of the vehicles. But this isn’t a guarantee. Feel free to ask about the security available for your car transport. Check what type of vehicle protection is included and what is covered in the package. You will get transparency when you find the precise information about the policy, cost and coverage on the company website.

  1. What is the budget?

It’s better to understand the costs before hiring. You should never sign any agreement without knowing what you are paying for. You can ask your transport company about the baseline transfer, mark-ups or fees that may occur along the way.

The company should provide a breakdown of the transport quote by considering your vehicle size, distance, fuel consumption and total travel time. You have to know how invoices are put together and ask for an average baseline of how much a car transport typically costs.

When you receive an estimate or a quote, you should never hesitate to ask about any additional charge or detail you don’t know. It will give you a better insight into finding the right car transport company in Perth.

  1. What do you offer to your clients?

You should ask your car transport company about what they can do beyond transporting your vehicle. For example, some car transport companies in Perth provide specific advanced protection, storage or convenience requirements when your move doesn’t go as planned.


You may require good quality enclosed transport, guaranteed delivery times, door-to-door services etc., when transporting your car. These additional services can impact the invoice and protection policy necessary for your successful transport.

  1. How do you get ready for car transport?

Ultimately, you need to ask your car transport company how they want your car to prepare for the transport arrangement. For example, some vehicle transport service providers require you to bring the vehicle to them. On the other hand, your car may be picked up from your destination and dropped off wherever you want.

Some car transport services may require you to clean the car interior and exterior thoroughly. Make sure you’re ready the day before the schedule of your car transportation.


Bottom Line –

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