5 Different Shipper Containers for Freight Transport in Australia

5 Different Shipper Containers for Freight Transport in Australia

Shipping containers are considered one of the most significant tools for freight transportation throughout Australia. They are more often used for the storage of loads during transportation. Hence, shipping container transport is significant for ensuring smooth and hassle-free business operations in Australia.

Please check out different shipping containers that are more often used for freight transportation in Australia.

  1. Dry Storage Container

A dry storage container is commonly utilized for shipping container transport in Australia. They are chosen for ease of use and safety purposes.


  1. Flat Rack Container

This type of storage container is used for space efficiency. This container collapses when it is empty as it can be folded to take less space when it is not used. A flat rack container is perfect for container transportation of manufacturing equipment.

  1. Open Side Container

More often, when you have a wider load to transport than general container dimensions, you need to invest in building custom-designed containers that can be used for freight container transport in Australia. As the name suggests, open-side containers can be accessed by the sides.

That way, these containers are able to accommodate any type of load without adding to their costs. These containers are considered during the transportation of agricultural loads.

  1. Open Top Container

Likewise an open side container, an open-top container has covers at the top part that can be opened to accommodate any load height effortlessly. This container is perfect for the transportation of manufacturing equipment and supplies.

  1. Tanks

Liquid cargo can’t be transported in ordinary containers. Hence, you need tanks in such circumstances. They are made from durable, sturdy, tough and non-corrosive materials and are generally used for the transport of water, oil and other liquids in bulk amounts.

Finding the Right Container Shipping Company in Australia

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