3 Landscaping Projects You Should Never Attempt To Do On Your Own

Plant selection:

Many new gardeners choose plants based on color or visual appeal rather than what works well in an exact location. Other weekenders select and put plants based on their initial size, failing to foresee the shrub’s growth, only to end up with huge bushes obstructing window views. Placing the wrong shrubs in the wrong place can be a costly process of trial & error. Professional landscapers in Chicago are trained in correct plant selection and comprehend aspects including; layering of plant sizes & textures, shrubs suitable for particular soil conditions and temperature ranges, and the right balance of color and feel. A landscaping professional can offer expert direction on what’ll look the best instantly and how to plan your plantings for the long term. 

install sprinkler system watering the lawn

Tree care:

Tree care is yet another landscaping project that’s best left to the professionals—identifying safety risks, trimming, and diagnosing and treating tree disease aren’t trial & error tasks. A tree that is not taken care of properly might come down on its own during a heavy storm. Professional landscapers can help assure the lovely trees you have in your garden can be relished for generations to come. If you’re looking to plant a new tree in your yard, landscaping pros can also aid with recommendations on what trees will best serve your needs. 

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Landscape enhancements:

Once you’ve invested in your landscape, some enhancements should be taken into consideration to safeguard your investment and to assure you completely acknowledge the work that has been done. For example, a landscaping expert can set up an irrigation system to ensure your plants obtain the right amount of water for their health. 

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