3 Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent in Washington DC

3 Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent in Washington DC

We all know you can browse the internet for your new home selection but when it’s time to actually purchase one, working with a real estate agent can greatly make a difference. A buyers agent will take the time to help the home buyers in DC find the right home and place you on the path of homeownership.

There are certain things that home sellers should expect from their real estate agent in Washington DC when selling their home and it is no different for home buyers. It is extremely important that before you choose a real estate agent to represent you as a buyers agent, you take the time to properly interview prospective buyers agent.

With Magnolia Realty homes for sale, we provide home buyers with full service buyer representation and go beyond by sharing up to 70% of our commission with the home buyer.

Magnolia Realty Homes for Sale

How Does Magnolia Realty Works?
We reward our clients who involve actively in searching for homes online or by just visiting open houses when possible. And upon identifying the home you are interested in, we step in and provide you a flat fee of 0.89% of the sales price. The remaining commission offered to us by the seller will be refunded to you at the closing, a realtor rebate of up to 2.11%.

Here are some reasons why working with a real estate agent should be your best fit!!

1. They will get you a better price
When you use a real estate agent in the purchase process, this will help you get the most for your budget. They are there to know if your home is priced well, or if it is too high or low for the neighborhood it is in. The real estate agents hold the knowledge on what features are worthwhile and how that will put an impact on your finance. The best part is the agents will be there to check upon, so that you do not end up paying too much for your property or the neighborhood it is in.

2. They will save you time
If you ever open your laptop to start your home searching process, you are already aware of how long it will take. Searching for a home can be an endless time-consuming task. Once your agent knows the particulars that you are looking for in your new home, they will eliminate all other things that will not suit your criteria. Working with a real estate agent is the best way that will save your time by eliminating the homes that are not meant for you.

3. They have access to multiple listing service
The multiple listing service (MLS) is one of the most important communication tools in the home buying and selling marketplace. Unfortunately, you do not always have access to it unless you are working with a real estate agent. The MLS is a powerful tool in the real estate industry. It is designed to alert agents about open houses, new listing notifications, and other important tools.

We wish you all the success in finding the right real estate agent Washington DC to help you with your next real estate choice and transaction. We suggest you do some online search and find the best agent that suits your personality or property.

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