Why Hire A Licensed Electrical Contractor West Palm Beach?

Why Hire A Licensed Electrical Contractor West Palm Beach?

Make sure you understand the difference between a licensed electrical contractor and one that is not. The consequences that come with haphazard electrical work include stuff like faulty wiring and fires. There is nothing more devastating than your home burn down because of your carelessness of hiring an unlicensed electrician!

Electrical work is extremely hazardous and requires the skills and expertise of a licensed professional. By hiring an unlicensed electrician, you not only go against the law but also end up with a contractor with no adequate training and knowledge to complete the task safely. This will put the safety of homeowners at risk and cause significant property damage.

Whether it’s updating your home’s electrical panel or fixing a faulty wire, hiring an electrical contractor West Palm Beach offers a guarantee to customers that the work performed will be of professional standard and quality. If you are concerned about the electrical installation in your home, here are some tips that will help you know when it’s time for a new electrical panel or any new electrical installation.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Flickering lights can be a reason for the short circuit in the system. If you notice that only a particular appliance is not working properly, then it may just be an issue with the appliance itself. However, if you see dimming or flickering lights in an area of a room, this might be the sign of a bigger problem.

When lights dim or flicker often, it’s time to call a licensed electrical contractor West Palm Beach to take a look. Also, changes in light intensity are also the signs of installing a new electrical panel.

Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers protect your home from the damage that power surges can cause. If you notice that the circuit breaker trips every time you plug in an appliance, like a hair straightened, then it’s a sign that the electrical system is old and not working properly. Also, appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, require a lot of power to work. Every time you plug them in, your home’s electrical system should be able to handle them.

To fix the problem, hire licensed electrical contractors West Palm Beach, and install a new electrical panel.


Are you planning a renovation? Why not update your home’s electrical panel in the process? Proper functioning electrical systems are essential to keep your home warm and well-lit. So, if you are renovating your home, updating your homes wiring and the electrical panel will keep you safe and secure.

And if you are installing any new appliances, you should have a professional come and see that your electric system will be able to handle the load. Having your system inspected by an electrical contractor can help you avoid fire hazards and annoying circuit breaker trips.

For more information about updating your electrical panel or hiring electrical contractor West Palm Beach, call American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC at 561-689-4854.

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