What precautions need to be in place when your baby is bouncing on a trampoline

What precautions need to be in place when your baby is bouncing on a trampoline

If you have a trampoline set in your backyard it will be an ideal diversion for your baby. As parents, you can appreciate that by bouncing on the trampoline your baby will have better motor development, and ideal physical activity. However, as a parent, you need to be cautious while your baby uses a baby trampoline.

One person at a time 

If you do not allow more than one baby to be on the trampoline, it will be possible to avoid most accidents. You need to communicate to your kid when their time is over and after they leave the trampoline allow a second kid to bounce on the trampoline. You can also fit a timer that will ring a bell to announce the changeover.

Forbid difficult stans 

If your baby is a bit older, they may try to imitate the elders by trying to do some difficult stances. You need to discourage your baby to do such from the very beginning. Doing such difficult stances are dangerous for elders and it is the same for your baby.

Buy the proper trampoline  

You need to buy the proper trampoline that is ideal for your baby. The trampoline must have a secure net all around, the springs and rods need to stay underneath the bouncing surface and they need to be of perfect size so that they fit in the space that you have with enough open space by the side of the net on all sides. You need to read the owner’s manual and install the trampoline properly.

Position the trampoline ideally 

It needs to be well planned where you need to have the trampoline installed. The installation needs to occur on level ground and there needs to be enough space around the trampoline so that the safety net does not have any obstruction to extend when your baby falls on the same.

Have a separate hang-out area

As it is wise to allow only one baby to be on the trampoline, the others need to wait. You need to have a separate hang-out area where the others can wait when one is enjoying the bounce. You need to think like a kid when you design your play area. Having a separate hangout area, others will not have a chance to be near the trampoline when one is on it.

Constant adult supervision

There needs to be constant adult supervision when your baby is using the trampoline. The adult member needs to check the trampoline and the safety net for any wear and tear before allowing the babies to jump on it. They also need to ensure that only one baby is on the trampoline and that no other baby approaches the trampoline when one is using it.

Find out some fun activities 

As you restrict your child from doing some activities on the trampoline, you need to find some other activities which they will enjoy doing. So, follow these norms and allow your kid to enjoy it after you have purchased a baby trampoline from LeJump. Fill up their Contact Us form to place your order.