What is a long span shelving, why you use it and what are its benefits!

What is a long span shelving, why you use it and what are its benefits!

Long span shelving is an efficient storage system and a useful asset that most businesses like to have in their storage space. It is a unique shelving system that offers an ideal solution for the high-density storage of small parts with light or medium loads. It is also well known for its retail display shelving feature. Now the question that comes to you as a warehouse or a business owner, or a store manager is how you can improve the function of your business or warehouse using the long span shelving in Melbourne? To know more, you must understand what a long span shelving is, why you need it, and its benefits!

What is long span shelving? 

Long span shelving is a unique storage system designed for small and medium-sized items. It is a solid and hard-wearing long span shelving structure available in a wide range of shelving lengths, width and heights. Also, it is designed with four side steel beams to support any material. Solid and sturdy long span shelving allows materials to be accessed from all four sides access and repossession. Using it will surely boost your warehouse or workspace efficiency.

Long span shelving in Melbourne provides a cost-effective storage system with rigid connections that offer solid support for shelf decking. It is made up of materials such as mesh, steel, or chipboard. Long span shelving comes in different sizes, shapes, designs, and you can customize it based on your storage space or product type. Modern long span shelving has bolt-free locking systems that keep the support beams secured in their place. Its installation is easy, and no nuts and bolts are required in its installation. Its lighter-duty racking system is suitable for small to medium-sized goods. Late-model long span shelving is durable and safer for employees than older bolted systems. It is also a helpful solution specially designed to minimize any wasted storage space.

When should you use long span shelving?

If you are dealing with products that cannot store in pallets racks, then long span racking can be the proper storage solution before you. Items stored in these shelving systems are handled manually instead of conveyors or forklifts. The irregular shape or fragile products or tires, batteries, office supplies, etc., are examples of goods you can store effectively on a long span shelving structure. The distinctive feature of long span shelving is workers can store and retrieve the products manually. These storage units’ flexibility makes them ideal for all warehouse set-ups that deal with small and lightweight products and need to handle manually.

What are the benefits you reap by using the long span shelving’s?

Long span shelving in Melbourne is well-known among so many businesses or warehouse owners for its numerous benefits. Highlighted here are a few of them. Let’s have a look!

Durability: The lightweight steel material used in making the long span shelving makes it durable. It can quickly move from one place to another with simple effort. You don’t have to keep it changing frequently.

Save storage space: It will allow creating multi-tier shelves. Hence it can save much storage space. Also, the vertical storage system will enable you to use less ground space and stocks many products in a limited space.

Flexibility and adjustable height: Most long span shelving use rivets and pins instead of bolts. It makes things easy to adjust the height, and you can customize your various storage needs easily.

Accessibility: These shelving units utilize fewer posts compared to their counterparts. It allows you to store many products and easy access to goods as well.

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