Understanding The Fundamentals Of Replacing The Toilet Seat & Its Parts

Toilet seats are inexpensive and easy to replace. If your old toilet seat is grating on your nerves for whatever reason, you should probably replace it right now. Are you sick of your flushing toilet seat? Fortunately, you don’t need any particular abilities or tools to replace the current one. There’s also no need to call your plumber to help you with this. It is easy to change a toilet seat, loosen the old one and replace it with the new one. You can, however, fix such difficulty with a little effort. Are you prepared to understand the fundamentals of replacing this toilet part? So, follow the tutorial to make things easier for you when you’re doing this.


Measure Your Toilet Seat

understanding how big your current toilet bowl is. Because most bowls are the same size, hance the new Celmac Toilet seat is an excellent choice. Place a tape rule between the bolt holes on the toilet and record the length to get a great concept. Check to see if the bolts on the new seat are the same size.

Choose a design and colour scheme for your new toilet seat.

Go to My Toilet Spares online store and pick out a new Celmac Toilet Seat for your toilet. It is usually available in one of two shapes: spherical or elongated. Choose the Celmac Toilet Seat as they come with a soft close feature. They are coming well within your budget. Most of them range between £32 to £80.00. If you have more budget, then, you can choose an expensive Celmac Toilet Seat as well. Select a seat with colours that match the existing one.


Arrange therequired tools 

As previously said, replacing an outdated seat involves only a few basic tools. A flat head screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and spray oil are among the tools included. A small hacksaw and a set of pliers are useful in the replacement process. Go to a hardware store if you don’t have these tools.

Remove the existing seat

Remove the bolt caps by moving them. Start by looking at the end of your present seat and concentrating on the area around the tank. Plastic caps can be found on both sides of the bowl. Pull under the caps with the screwdriver. Take out the nuts with your adjustable wrench. Remove the nuts using a wrench with an anticlockwise movement. Remove the bolts from the top of the bowl’s hinges. The bolts may feel stuck, especially on older toilets. Remove the grime or rust clung to them by using the WD-40 fastener spray and pull them out after ten minutes.


Make the necessary preparations for installation 

Take the seat out of the container. There are pre-attached hinges on this item, which you will insert where the previous one was. Inside the packet, you’ll find bolts, nuts, and plastic covers. Locate the bolt holes on the toilet seat hinges, then select a replacement bolt and thread it through the holes with the head at the top.

Install the nuts and bolts.

Look for bolts poking through the top of the toilet bowl on one end. Then, insert a nut and screw it in clockwise movements. You can do this with your hands first, then tighten a little with the wrench. Repeat the operation on the bolt on the opposite side of the bowl. If your new seat came with washers, replace them before putting the nuts on. Finally, firmly press the plastic caps on top of the bolts.


Now it is time to attach the new Celmac Toilet Seat

On some types, you may not need to push bolts through any hinges when learning how to replace a toilet seat. Drop a bolt into a hole and tighten the nut on these toilets. Following that, the seat hinges glide over the top of the bolts. Even if you know how to remove toilet seat hinges, you should read the instructions that come with your new Celmac Toilet Seat package.

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