Twyford Toilet Spares- Fixing The Common Toilet Issues In An Inexpensive Way

The toilet is one of the most-used items in a home. Chances are, it’ll need replacing over time. It may happen due to either wear and tear or a change in decor. However, you don’t always have to change the entire thing. You can replace cistern parts in different stages. Why? It is a cost-saving process to make your toilet cistern function like new.

But in the worst cases, you may need to replace the entire cistern. My Toilet Spare is with you to supply genuine cistern spares including the Twyford toilet spares to make your entire project even easier. They’ll walk you through the entire process of replacing and installing a new toilet cistern.


Toilet cisterns are filled by running water through a supply pipe into the cistern.A valve regulates the water supply to the system.

A plastic float is used to control this valve.The floats measure the amount of water in a toilet cistern and open or close the valve as needed to fill the cistern and maintain the desired level of water.When the toilet is flushed, the float detects that there is no water in the cistern and opens the valve to let water in.


The moving part in your Twyford toilet wears out or breaks due to use and time. Do you notice your toilet won’t stop running? Does your toilet run constantly? It may happen due to the fill valve (which lets water into the toilet tank), may not close perfectly. Is your toilet running irregularly? It may happen due to the flapper valve opening slightly for a few minutes.

In either case, you have a question in your mind- why the toilet fill valve isn’t stopping the incoming water flow! You have to figure out the issue and find out why the broken toilet parts need attention. Understanding the function of the toilet cistern lets you fix the problem in a few minutes. Repairing or replacing some of the key toilet parts can be an inexpensive way to fix the issues, and you can make it run like a new one.


Although the moving parts inside the cistern won’t look so pristine inside. The surface inside may look scummy, with water stains and corrosion. Don’t worry — if you have Twyford toilet spares in your cistern, you will be assured of getting the clean water as it comes out of your faucets. You can replace the bolts, rubber washers, ballcock, float, float arm, flush valve, refill & overflow tube, Flapper, gaskets, and any other Twyford toilet spares with simple tools and directions mentioned in the manual. Replacing such Twyford toilet spares in you can make your toilet function like new.


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