Top Things to Know About Solar Water Heater for a Home Owner

Solar water heaters are one of the best green energy sources that are becoming popular among the homeowners. Using the solar water heating system is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy clean energy option that full fills your home’s hot water needs.

Are you finding that the electric water heater in your house is one of the main cause of the soaring power bills? Are you still not able to make the most out of your electric water heater (like enjoying the comfort of a hot shower)? Have you ever thought of installing a solar water heater in your home?

Most of the homeowners think that buying or installing a solar water heater is quite expensive. But do you know, solar water heating systems are one of the best investments!! The solar water heating systems are meant to pay for its cost over the time, as it will help in saving electricity costs and require less maintenance. By using a solar water heating systems, your house will turn into an environmentally-friendly zone, which will effectively bring down the overall energy costs and provide optimal hot water solutions.

Basic about Solar Water Heating Systems:
Solar water heating systems normally use the sun’s energy to heat the water, which ensures no utility bills to pay. For your home, the solar water heating systems will provide the most efficient hot water solutions that will reduce the power consumption problems.

Collectors and storage tank are the two basic units of a solar water heating system. The collector part of the solar water heater, collects the sun’s energy in the form of heat (in pipes or tubes). After being heated up by the energy stored in the collectors the water or heat transfer fluid flows through the pipes or tubes, which transfers its heat to a storage tank.

Loop Systems of Solar water Heating Systems:
1. Open Loop Systems:
The open loop system allows the household to run through the collectors by heating it directly.

2. Closed Loop System:
The closed loop system generally uses some anti-freeze liquid as the heat transfer medium. The liquid runs through the collectors by gathering the heat along the way. This heated fluid is then transferred to the water, which is stored in a storage tank via a heat exchanger.

Different Types of Solar Water Heating System:
1. Pre-Heat Tank System:
This type of solar water heating system uses two tanks. The first tank or the solar pre-heat tank is used as a basic solar hot water storage tank. Normally the pre-heat tank is used to supplement warm water to an existing hot water tank. This is one of the most efficient solar water heating system, which uses the basic theory of stratification.

2. Solar Tankless System:
The principle of solar tankless water heating system is identical. Here the water is pre-heated through the solar storage tank, which results in significant heat savings. The warm water then go to a tank-less or direct water heater to be topped up if needed.

3. Combo Tank System:
These types of solar water heating systems are designed with a durable combination of a solar pre-heat tank with an electric backup heater (in one single unit). This type of tank system includes an internal heat exchange in the bottom of the tank, whereas the top contains an electric heater element that quickly tops up the water temperature (or aide in days of no sun).
In North American Market, the solar combo tanks are considered to be ideal for new home installations or replacing with the costly electric water heaters, as only one tank is needed.

4. Compact System:
This an all new compact solar water heating system that is quite effective for full filling domestic hot water needs. The compact solar water heating system has 80-gallon storage tank, which is integrated with solar vacuum tubes, which helps in providing hot water for a family of 4-5 persons.

Before buying or installing, home owners should find out more about an efficient solar water heater to enjoy optimal and cost-effective hot water solutions. Rely on a trustworthy solar water heating systems providers in the USA to get the best and reliable solutions.

This article is produced by Northern Lights Solar Tubs, which is a world leader in providing pre-engineered and well-built solar water heaters and solar thermal heating solutions for the residential and commercial purpose.

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