Things to Know About Top Quartz Countertops Brands in IL

Things to Know About Top Quartz Countertops Brands in IL

Quartz countertops are the best Quartz choice for kitchens in IL because of their durability, elegance, and easy maintenance. There are several quartz countertops brands in Il to choose from for your kitchen remodeling project. The various brands are known for providing excellent quality countertops. It is essential to choose top-quality quartz countertops that are custom fabricated to meet your kitchen requirement.

Here are the top Quartz countertop brands, have a closer look at them!

Quartz Countertops Brands Il


Cambria is a high-end brand available through selected distributors and specialty stores. Quartz countertops of the Cambria brand come with over 100 design styles and colors.

The luxury brand offers a lifetime warranty on its products. Cambria Quartz countertops have a realistic look of natural stone patterns.

It is based in the United States. Cambria quartz countertops can look attractive on a kitchen counter.


Silestone is one of the most popular quartz countertops brands among homeowners and designers in Chicago, IL. Its quartz countertops are available in over 60 styles, tones, and colors. Silestone quartz countertops come with a 25-year warranty.

Quartz Countertops Brands Il


Caesarstone brand is the number one choice for engineered stone. Its quartz countertops products are available in different styles and 40 colors. Caesarstone quartz countertops look like marble and have bold and contemporary textures.

Caesarstone is a reliable brand that believes in growing and improving its products styles and range to fit into any kitchen design.


HanStone Quartz countertops are highly durable. These quartz countertops are ideal for families and aspiring chefs that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Its quartz countertops are available in seven different collections. You can find around 50 styles and designs of HanStone quartz countertops to match your unique kitchen design needs.

There are many quartz countertops brands on the market. Every brand has a unique look and offers the highest quality products of great value for money.

These popular quartz countertops brands offer products with tremendous value in thousands of choices like color, style, and texture for your kitchen.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodel in Chicago, IL, rely on MEGASTONE for installing top-quality quartz countertops! As one of the reliable stone fabricators in Chicago, IL, we provide a perfectly cut, carved, and polished quartz countertop for your kitchen. With us, you can choose from different Quartz Countertops Brands in Il to get the best!

Quartz Kitchen Countertops IL

MEGASTONE is an excellent place to start by talking to our expert team. We can help you choose the perfect quartz countertop brand for your kitchen remodeling in Chicago, IL. Allow us to provide you with the best-fit quartz countertop that becomes an attractive focal point in your dream kitchen!

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