Things to Know About the Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies are a headache for every homeowner in Chicago. You can look for a professional plumber near you to handle plumbing emergencies. There are many things about plumbing emergencies that you should know before looking for a reliable plumber in Chicago

Do you know proper maintenance can reduce the probability of a plumbing disaster? It is essential to learn about plumbing emergencies to avoid the inconvenience and costly expense of fixing the problem down the road. Effective maintenance preserves the integrity of your plumbing systems. 

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What are the most common Chicago plumbing emergencies that homeowners face? 

Learning about plumbing emergencies helps you protect yourself from the stress and financial burden of plumbing emergencies. 

Plumbing Emergency 1- Burst Pipes 

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that happens most of the time over the winters. It occurs when the pipes freeze over in severely cold weather. Many Chicago homeowners are surprised to experience burst pipe issues in summer, spring, and fall. It happens due to various reasons like unregulated water pressure and corrosion. 

You can prevent burst pipes in winter by having foam insulation covers installed over the piping or keeping your home heated at all times to keep the pipe warm. 

Ensure having the water pressure well regulated and monitored to prevent burst pipe throughout the rest of the year. 

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Plumbing Emergency 2- Leaky Faucets and Fixtures 

Leaky fixtures can lead to many plumbing issues that you can prevent with a regular maintenance routine. A professional plumber can provide homeowners with an evaluation to spot evidence of worn-out or deteriorating piping seals that causes water wastage and structural damage. Identifying the problematic fixtures and fixing them in the right way helps avoid a plumbing nightmare. 

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Plumbing Emergency 3- Blocked Drains and Toilets 

Blocked clogged toilets and sink drains are plumbing issues that can be solved using a toilet plunger. If the problem is severe, you should rely on a skilled plumber to handle the emergency. 

Proper use of sink and toilet helps prevent blocked drains and toilets. You should know that sanitary napkins, paper towels, fats, and many other waste items are not flushable, and never toss these waste items down the drain! As soon as you notice a slow draining, call your plumber to address the issue and keep the drains stays clog-free.

It is good to stay informed about potential plumbing emergencies. You can prevent or fix emergency plumbing issues with a professional plumber in Chicago. 

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How to Look for a Local Plumber?

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