The Photographic Opportunities Possible To Have In Myanmar

Photo tours of Myanmar organized by reputed travel agencies can make it possible for you to click the most inspiring temples in Burma, from the majestic Ananda Pagoda in Bagan to the golden spires of Yangon’s golden jewel, Shwedagon Pagoda in the best of light. A journey to Myanmar can be your opportunity to enhance your photographic skills on vacation after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The experience you can have

Reputed tour operators organize many such photographic tours to Myanmar, a place that has a fantastic perspective to photograph. You can easily select a tour upon the duration of your stay and the places you desire to visit.

There are tour packages of various durations. Some tours require you to stay in Myanmar for 8 to 25 days. The packages will allow you to have photographic experts guiding you to the places and the perfect way to photograph beautiful Myanmar.

You can be at Bagan to capture the iconic temples and remote villages to have the best photographic experience. Being at Mandalay, you can photograph the gold leaf workshops, U Bein Bridge, the wonders of Mingun by boat, and the former Royal Palace in Mandalay City. Moreover, Yangon offers you the opportunity to capture the massive golden Shwedagon Pagoda to the lively, bustling streets of downtown through your camera lens. You can also photograph the Sule Pagoda at night, majestic landmarks such as the Secretariat, and secret spots like the deserted amusement park.

How to select the tour operator to have the best of photographic experience

As you search, you will notice that every tour operator organizing tours to Myanmar claims to offer the best possible photographic opportunities. So, how do you select the one that gives you the best of opportunities? Let us see how to choose the best photo tour operators for Myanmar.

Help you to be at photographic places in Myanmar

The tour schedule of the tour operator needs to be such that you can easily be at places where you can click the best of photographs depicting unseen Myanmar landscape. They need to take proper care so you can be in a village walk or be at Irrawaddy at sunset to capture Myanmar’s fantastic natural landscape.

Help to anyone to photograph

It must not be such only experienced can have the possibilities to photograph during the tours. The operator needs to have photo guides who can help novices also to photograph beautiful Myanmar.

Personalized guidance

You need to expect to have personalized advice from the photo guides of the tour operator. They need to understand your photography level and guide you accordingly to new photographic styles and techniques to enhance your photographic dream.

What to photograph in Myanmar

You may be wondering what to photograph in Myanmar. Let us have a look at what waits for you to have a capture through your camera lens.

Temples and panoramic landscape

The photo tours of Myanmar, organized by reputed travel agencies, will give you the opportunities to photograph the deep roots of Buddhism prevalent in Myanmar through the temple architecture at various locations. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and the 2,200+ temples of the Bagan plain will be the correct spot to have such photographs capturing the base of Buddhism in Myanmar. The guides will help you to tackle the challenges of finding the right position and the best light to photography best.

The Buddhist nuns and monks at the monasteries

You will see Buddhist monasteries everywhere in Myanmar. Streets remain filled with monks and nuns of all ages chanting their payers and spinning the prayer wheel. The monks, nuns, and monasteries can be the subject of your photographs. The pictures will depict the cultural heritage that Myanmar is proud.

The streets of Myanmar

The streets of Yangon and Mandalay offer you plenty of opportunities to photograph. The colored walls, ornamental woodcarvings, and golden features offer dazzling backdrops to impulsive street scenes. It is not only the monks, jolly children, and the lively working life that will fascinate you but also the tea and betel nut shops that make your pictures vivid.

The colonial buildings

Yangon’s colonial buildings are sure to be part of the subject that you can photograph when you are in Myanmar.

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