The Most Common Problems You Face In Your Geberit Cistern?

Geberit toilet combines convenience, design and sustainability. It is an aesthetic yet innovative solution for your bathroom. You will never face any problem while using a Geberit syphon! But with regular use and time, some parts in the cistern may not function as they should be! It might bring issues, and such problems in your toilet can ruin your day. Sometimes it may be difficult to flush or free up the toilet pan. Fortunately, you will find almost all Geberit make genuine spare parts at leading shops online. It will be helpful to fix all the mechanical issues that arise and make it operative as new.


The part of the Geberit toilet that stores the water is called the cistern. The siphon valve mechanism in a Geberit toilet regulates the water flow to the bathroom. It has a 2” size opening at the bottom to which the 1 ½” syphon is attached. The siphon connected to the Geberit cistern is just a valve opening and allowing the standing water to flow into the toilet or pan. You may come across several issues even with the best brand toilet. So, what are the most common toilet problems you face most of the time?


The one and probably the most frustrating issue you face is a toilet that is not flushing. The water flow from the cistern may be disturbed due to improper function of the siphon valve or flush valve, or syphon itself. There is no adequate water flow when the siphon valve is not opening correctly. It happens due to the improper function of the siphon or flush valve. If there is a push-button or something similar, then it may not make the valve seat correctly. It will lead to bring the continuous water flow into the bowl and generate debris or damage the seal. You can rectify it easily by replacing it with a complete Geberit syphon repair pack. It will help you make your Geberit cistern fully operative.


Another common toilet problem is the cistern is not filled correctly and prevents flushing. In most of the toilets, there is a ball valve. It will not allow water into the bathroom when it stucks. One more issue to the toilet cistern, including the Geberit cistern, is a flappy lever or soft button. If you have a push-button, then it can go all limp and may not work. If you have a lever and it has gone all flappy, you have a broken cistern mechanism. It may hamper the proper flush. It will happen due to several wear and tear. It is always wise to fix the issue by replacing things with a new Geberit syphon system!


One more annoying problem that you find in your toilet is that it will drip constantly. It also makes an annoying sound that keeps you awake at night. It happens due to wear and tear or possibly disassembling of the valve in the cistern. A similar issue you will face is the constant running of water into the toilet bowl. The best thing to do in such a situation is to lift the lid and have a look to see what is happening. Replace the Geberit syphon if you find the fill valve or flush valve is defective or if the water consumption no longer corresponds to state-of-the-art Geberit syphon technology. The Geberit syphon offers cable operated valves that are just far superior and more reliable than old-style mechanisms.


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