Steps Involved in a Commercial Roof Replacement Project

Replacing a commercial roof in Atlanta is a major task that demands meticulous planning and execution. The procedure involves several important steps, which might vary based on the size and complexity of the roof, as well as the special needs of the building. Here is what to expect when planning a commercial roof replacement project.

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Evaluating the condition of the current roof:
It is essential to do a complete assessment of the current roof’s condition before any work can start. This can entail physically inspecting the roof and going over any documentations that are accessible. The goal of this assessment is to find any faults or problems that must be resolved as part of the roof replacement procedure.

Creating a Project Plan:
The appropriate replacement strategy must be chosen after the condition of the current roof has been evaluated. In certain circumstances, all that is necessary to do is to simply remove the old roof and put a new one over the current one. In other cases, it could be more cost-effective to remove some of the current structure and rebuild it from the decking up, putting a new roof over some of the existing structure.

Making a Material Choice for the New Roof:
Once the strategy for replacing the commercial roof has been decided, the next step is to select the material for the replacement roof. Traditional flat roofing materials like EPDM rubber or modified bitumen are frequently used for commercial roof replacements. However, commercial building may also warrant products such as TPO or standing seam metal to replace the existing deck.

Removing the Existing Roof:
This may entail ripping off old roofing materials and properly disposing of them, as well as removing any debris that has gathered on the roof.

Installing the new roof:
Installing the new roof is the next stage after removing the old one. This may entail setting up new underlayment, setting up flashing, and fastening the new roofing components. Ventilation systems or other components might also be installed at this stage, depending on the specific type of roof that was erected.

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