Selecting The Suitable Toilet Seat Bracket And Hinges For Your Toilet

Replacement of toilet seats might need an adjustment to fit older or non-standard toilets! However, you must ensure that the seat must support the contact points or hinges. Most toilet seats are oval, although some may be more of a contemporary square or D-shape, and they are attached to the toilet with fittings. These are held together by toilet seat brackets (two bolts usually hidden by plastic caps) at the back of the seat.


Purchasing toilet seat brackets and hinges or toilet seat brackets appears to be a simple task. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying new hinges. First, you must understand that all toilet seats and bowls are not exact. Second, there are standard sizes of toilet seat brackets & toilet seat hinges, and you have multiple sizes before you to choose. If you have an expensive toilet, you will be at risk of not getting it in a store. You need to place a special order with the company or settle with a different style!  Anyway, you should select the one that will suit your toilet & taste.

To decide the particular toilet seat brackets & toilet seat hinges, measure the length of the current set on the toilet seat. The width of toilet seat brackets & toilet seat hinges rarely plays a factor unless you have a designer toilet seat. Next, pop the cap where the screws are hidden on the hinges and count the number of screws attached to it. It’s a good idea to measure the distance between the screws.


Choosing the toilet seat bracket and hinges 

Toilet seat brackets and toilet seat hinges are both reasonably priced. First, determine which toilet seat hinges are available in the size you need. If price is the factor, then eliminate styles that are out of the range of your budget. Let’s have a look at few toilet seat hinges that you may use in your toilet:

Plastic: Inexpensive, not very durable, but replaced quickly

Metal: It has a much better appearance, is more durable, and is a little more expensive, but it is still affordable.

Designer: Little bit pricey, and usually designed for specific toilet brands.

Pneumatic: These toilet seat hinges are expensive, but they prevent the seat from collapsing. There are only a few sizes available. Rod and Hinge: One long metal arm with hinges attached, which is expensive but can typically be sized for any toilet.


After you found toilet seat hinges that fit your bathroom, think about if they’re attractive or functional.

Installation of toilet seat bracket and hinges 

Remove the old toilet seat brackets by popping up the screw cover and removing the screws. By slipping the bolts through the toilet, fastening holes, line up and attach the new fittings. Make sure your toilet seat is centred and sits appropriately on the border of your toilet bowl. Screw the bottom hinge into position after installing the new toilet seat hinges and bracket on the toilet foundation. Once you’re satisfied with the seat’s location, tighten the wingnuts using your hands or pliers.


Please refer to your instruction manual to determine the model or design of the toilet and what type of seat brackets & hinges it will need. You will find the handy solution when you click on Here you will find numerous bathroom products that best fit your needs and budget.

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