Replacing The Roca Toilet Seat Is Easy And Is An Ideal Alternative To Upgrade Your Toilet

Are you renovating your toilet suite or upgrading your toilet seat? There are several decisions to be made. Most homes have round-shaped or elongated shaped toilets. A simple way to enhance the look and function of your bathroom is by adding a Roca toilet seat to your existing round-shaped or elongated shaped toilet. Roca toilet seats fit best to your lifestyle and décor. It is available in various colours to create a mood and add texture to your bathroom’s decorating theme. Now the question arises of what to do to replace the toilet seat.


For this, you need to select the appropriate toilet seat that fits best for your bathroom interior. Roca toilet seats can be a perfect match for your needs & budget. The toilet bowls and toilet seats come in two sizes that are round and elongated. A round toilet bowl is roughly 16 12″ long, whereas an elongated bowl is 18 12″ long. To determine what size toilet seat you’ll need, measure the length of the toilet bowl and the distance between the mounting holes. Then, based on your measurement, choose the appropriate seat (round or elongated) for your bowl. Roca toilet seats are designed to fit most manufacturers’ round or elongated bowls.


Now comes the part of removing the old or damaged toilet seat. So, how to remove the toilet seat? Removing the existing toilet seat takes a bit of work. But it can be released with a standard wrench, screwdriver and some rust penetrant if necessary. If the bolts are rusty, spray the rust penetrant over it and leave it for a few minutes. Then, with pliers in one hand, locate the nuts under the toilet tank and grip them firmly. Hold the nuts in place with one hand while unscrewing the bolts with the other. You can remove it a few times. After removing the old toilet seat, you must clean the seating area on your toilet bowl. Next, clean the bolt holes and the area around them.


Using mild soap with some warm water is the best approach to clean your toilet seat. Place the old toilet seat in a disposable plastic bag and dispose of it carefully. So, you should have the proper sized Roca toilet seat to install on your bowl. Now it is time to install the Roca toilet seat on your toilet! First, you follow the user manual to understand the hardware kit and instructions properly.

 Following the instructions in the process will make your installation process easy. Next, thread the bolts through the newly cleaned holes to secure the new seat to the toilet. Screw the bolt in slowly while using pliers to keep the nut in place.


Make sure the bolt isn’t overtightened! Because it will lead to the risk of damaging your toilet. Put the plastic covers over the bolts. To check for looseness, raise and drop the seat a few times. Lose or tight the nut if necessary. Fitting the Roca toilet seat is often one of the easier and quicker DIY jobs in your bathroom. One can do it in a matter of few minutes. 

Please contact the experts at My Toilet Spare if you have any questions during the installation process. Call them at 01482 291992, and they will help you through the installation process.

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