Refacing Kitchen Doors and Cabinets – Few Ideas to Follow

Refacing Kitchen Doors and Cabinets – Few Ideas to Follow

Is kitchen renovation in your mind? But you feel it is a costly affair? Renovating the entire kitchen is no doubt a huge financial responsibility. Moreover, it  also involves a lot of work and is time-consuming as well. Looking for a better and cost-effective option? Good news is there is an easier and affordable approach. And it is refacing kitchen doors and cabinets. This process can save up to 50% of the costs of replacing the entire door or cabinet. Wondering how can you make your old kitchen doors and cabinets look new and shiny? Then take a look at some of the best kitchen doors and cabinets refacing ideas below:

So what is kitchen cabinet refacing exactly?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a technique where you will need to remove the doors and reface the cabinet boxes while adding new doors, hinges, drawers and doorknobs.

Some of the best kitchen cabinet refacing ideas that will give your kitchen a fresh and new look are as follows:


Painting the Cabinet

If your kitchen cabinet is already in a decent shape, then refacing it would be a great idea. Painting the cabinet can completely alter the look and feel of your kitchen. You can use a glaze to make the cabinets look stylish and give a tinted stain finish use a toner. One of the most recent trend that became popular in 2022 is two-tone cabinets.

Modern Trendy Cabinets

If you wish to make your kitchen look more sleek and modern feel, then consider replacing the cabinet doors with the trending modern cabinets. Use solid colors or clean white finishes for brightening up your home to make it feel more modern. Also, you can consider upgrading the original hardware such as handles and hinges to make it more interesting.

Open Shelving

Leaving a portion of your shelves open and exposed helps in showcasing accent pieces such as dishes, vases while adding a bit more personality to your kitchen.  If you have vibrant dishes that make great accent pieces you can consider repurposing a shelf for building a plate rack for displaying them.

Using High Gloss Materials

By using high gloss doors to your kitchen cabinetry you can refresh the look of your kitchen in a great way. This approach offers a bold, unique and trendy look. You can create a bold focal point by opting for brighter or patterned high gloss materials for your kitchen cabinetry.


Glass Doors

Glass kitchen doors are one of the most popular and classy way to make your kitchen look fresh and stylish. Glass doors when added to your kitchen cabinets, showcasing your glassware and dishes becomes easy while offering a clean aesthetic. So you can enhance your kitchen’s look by adding glass doors.

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