Process To Follow For A Safe & Accurate Toilet Seat Installation

Re-installing or replacing an old toilet seat with a new one is an easy DIY project. Do you feel you have an old toilet seat or it get damaged due to some reason? Do you want to add some contemporary style to your bathroom? Replacing the toilet seat is inexpensive solution to bring a new look to your toilet. For this you need to follow a few simple steps. Having few essential tools can make the process easy to unbolt the old seat.

But the only distress you may likely to face is opening the jammed old bolts. However, a little elbow grease can resolve that problem. Then install the new toilet seats using the hardware included in the new toilet seat’s box. Following a few guides will help you install things safely and accurately in a few minutes.


Evaluating the toilet seat

Use a measuring tape to determine your current toilet seat before purchasing a new toilet seat. The purpose is to find the one that fits best with your toilet bowl. Find the bolts at the back side of the toilet seat where the seat attaches to the bowl. Measure the distance between them to check whether it matches the standard length of 5 1/2 inches. Measure to check the width of the toilet bowl at its widest point. Measure the size of the bowl from seat bolts to the front outer edge of the toilet bowl. Round bowls should have a distance of about 16 1/2 inches, and elongated bowls should be 18 to 18 1/2 inches.


Choose the New Toilet Seat

The majority of toilet seats are made of high-impact plastic, or enamel-coated toilet seat; other materials include natural wood, moulded wood, bamboo, and fiberboard. Most of them are available in standard round or oval or elongated shapes. It also comes in the form of soft closed format that prevent the seat from being loud. Based on this fact, you can select the best toilet seats for your needs at leading online stores. It comes in many colours, such as black, white and many more colours that fit best to your toilet.


Remove the Old Toilet Seat

Removing the old toilet seat is easy. For this, you have to clean the toilet bowl, rim and the old seat. Next, check the seat belt that secures the seat at the back of the bowl and remove the bolt covers, if required. Use a few tools to loosen the nuts from the bolts anticlockwise. Remove bolts along with its washers if they’re also attached. Then remove the old seat and its hinges carefully from the toilet.

Place the New Toilet Seat

Remove the new seat and all mounting hardware from the packet. Place the new toilet seat lid atop the rim with the new seat hinges and make it appropriately aligned. Make sure the toilet seats installed are even.

Install the New Toilet Seat

After placing the seat on the bowl push the bolts at its designated holes in each hinge and the toilet bowl. Fix the nuts to the bolts, tighten them by hand, and then with the spinner to ensure they are firmly connected. Place the pair of washers on the bolts before attaching the nuts and cover hinges for extra safety. Open and close it several times to confirm that it’s secure.


Installing a toilet seat is one of the most manageable plumbing-related tasks that can give your bathroom a quick facelift. If you need to have a Laufen toilet seat for your bathroom, find it with the image search  You can take a picture and WhatsApp it to My Toilet Spares. They are ready to show you the similar product you need!

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