Pallet Transportation – A Few Mistakes To Avoid

Pallet Transportation – A Few Mistakes To Avoid

What is a Pallet?

Pallets are platforms made of plastic or rigid wood that are used for consolidating shipments and making freight transportation easier. When cargo gets palletized, it ensures that multi-piece shipments remain together throughout the transportation process, helping in protecting the cargo and making loading and unloading easier and swifter. Palletizing the cargo also helps in maximizing space within the trailer.

However, before you decide on shipping your cargo on a pallet you must consider the number and type of items that are being shipped along with the total size and weight. Usually, shipments of numerous smaller items are ideal for pallet transportation. So if you are looking for pallet transportation in Perth then make sure to keep these factors in mind. Also, if you are shipping single large items that are heavy or fragile such as any artwork, equipment or furniture, then you can opt for pallet transportation.

There are several mistakes that you need to avoid while considering pallet transportation in Perth to make the process easier, faster and smoother. Let us take a look at some of the common mistakes done during pallet transportation and how to avoid them below:

Pallet Transportation

Mistake #1: Use of Wrong Sized Pallet

While shipping no matter what the item is, it is highly recommended to use a pallet that is large enough to accommodate your cargo without any overhanging. Overhang may lead to puncture, abrasion or compression damage.

How to Avoid the Mistake?

Make sure to measure your cargo before buying or building a pallet so that you can be sure that you are using the right sized pallet for safe transportation.

Mistake #2: Weight of Items Exceed the Capacity of the Pallet

Pallets are designed for supporting a certain amount of weight which should be clearly labeled at the bottom of the pallet and your cargo should not exceed the weight capacity of the pallet at any cost.

How to Avoid the Mistake?

Before packing your cargo, make sure to weigh your shipment and ensure that your pallet has the capacity to handle the total weight.

Mistake #3: Improper Cargo Packing

Pallets offer protection to the cargo while shipping, however, to make the protection better and of the highest quality, it is always necessary to pack the cargo in a proper manner.

How to avoid the Mistake?

Use strong boxes that are sealed securely with high-quality packing tape, add padding to the boxes internally using adequate packing materials like bubble wraps, air pillows or packing paper for preventing shifting in transit, using right sized boxes and balancing cargo within the box as much as possible.

Mistake #4: Improper Stacking of Boxes

When shipping multiple boxes on a pallet, it is required to stack the boxes in a proper order to ensure a safer and better transit.


How to Avoid the Mistake?

Make sure to align the boxes in columns from corner to corner to ensure greater stacking strength. Avoid interlocking or rotating layer patterns. Use a slip sheet between every third layer as it will help in distributing weight and protecting the bottom layer especially in the cases of multiple boxes or items shipment.

These are just a few common mistakes which you must avoid when considering pallet transportation in Perth to make sure that the shipping process is seamless and safe.


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