Make Home Buying and Selling Safer With Magnolia Realty

As we all know, the COVID19 pandemic has disrupted the real estate industry, the buying and selling of homes have gone down. Although fewer homes have been listed for sale, the industry is gaining back its power slowly but surely. Prospective buyers can buy and sellers can list their homes for sale while adhering to the COVID19 prevention measures to ensure safer and better transactions. And when it comes to dealing with homes for sale in Germantown MD or Greenbelt MD, we at Magnolia Realty make sure to make the entire process easy, safe and convenient for our clients. Whether you are looking for a home for sale in Germantown MD to buy or wanting to list your home for sale in Greenbelt MD, you can always trust Magnolia Realty for a real and profitable deal.

At the beginning of the year, the real estate market was again showing prospects of steady growth until again the second wave of COVID19 hit the world and took a toll on the industry. Due to the strict restrictions for limiting the spread of the deadly virus, the householders took to a cautious approach and tried not to make purchases or listing their homes for sale. Also, it leads to a drop in the volume of mortgage applications, despite the reduced mortgage rates.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that all hopes of home buying and selling have completely shattered! If you are on the verge of closing home deals or wanting to buy a home for sale in Germantown MD you can still do so.

Being a responsible realtor, we at Magnolia Realty have brought you some helpful tips to sell and buy your home while maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks, and using sanitizers for a safer transaction.

Research Well and Stay Updated
Although there is a slump in the number of newly listed homes for sale, you can find some of the best options in property listings. To find your home of dreams you need to do your homework by researching the market and discover your preferred property in the community you like. However, make sure not to limit yourself to a few selected areas. You must expand your search to other nearby communities and regions which might offer you homes with exceptional value for money, facilities and amenities. Also do not forget to assess your current home and determine the level of functionality and comfort it offers you. It will help in knowing your priorities when looking and consequently buying a home.

Talk to a Dependable and Experienced Agent
An experienced real estate agent like us has communication protocols during this pandemic situation. We incorporate all technological tools that help us and our clients to communicate clearly and safely, offer virtual tours as well as negotiate and finalize deals without even meeting in person. What you need to do is inspect a listed home for sale that you find suitable for you, then give us a call for assistance and we will organize an interactive virtual tour where you can ask queries about the condition of the property, design and all other aspects. In case you are the seller, you can opt for online appraisals. Being in the housing market we understand the market well and will be happy to offer estimates of the property’s value and how it may fair the real estate market.

So get in touch with us today to know the other ways to make your home buying and selling in MD and DC safer and convenient.


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