How to Shrink Clothes on Purpose Safely?

Do you want to shrink clothes? Why and how to shrink clothes without damage? If you have lost some weight and your clothes are a little baggy, you can need to shrink them. There may be several reasons to shrink your clothes, and what matters most is safety! Check out how you shrink clothes conveniently!

Keep in Mind the Fiber Content 

Before starting the shrinking process, check the fiber content on the clothing label. It is the most accessible fiber to shrink if the fiber content is 100% cotton. There is less chance of shrinkage and more damage for synthetic fibers. Never try and shrink any clothing labeled as dry clean only, as the dress can get damaged instead of shrinking. Remember that Vinyl, leather, beads, Lycra, and sequins will not shrink.

Not all fabrics are the same and will shrink the same amount! 

What about the Pre-Shrunk Clothing?  

If your clothing label specifies it is pre-shrunk, it may not give you the desired shrinkage effect. Pre-shrunk clothing ensures that the manufacturer has shrunk the item as much as possible. You can find many distressed denim styles that are pre-shrunk, giving them a unique look! 

How to shrink clothes in Dryer and Washing Machine?

  • Put the garments in the washer.
  • Set the hot water cycle.
  • Schedule the washing cycle for the most extended duration.
  • Take the clothes out from the washer and put them in the dryer.
  • Select the dryer’s highest heat setting. Overheating causes shrinkage, and you get the desired results! 

Things to Remember When Shrinking Clothes! 

  • Silk fabric shrinks quickly but loses its shine when constantly exposed to high heat. Use a mesh when shrinking silk fabric and run them in a moderate to delicate heat setting. Avoid bleach-based detergents for washing silk garments as it takes away the sheen.
  • Denim –You can use the highest heat setting when shirking denim. 
  • Polyester – Shrinking the polyester garments requires the highest temperatures depending on the fabric quality. High heat may ruin a low-quality polyester fabric!  
  • Cotton – If it is delicate cotton clothing, opt for a lesser heat setting.

How to Shrink a Cotton Shirt or Dress? Do you want to know how to shrink clothes in the wash? Here are a few things to explore!  

If you want to know how to shrink a dress, sweatshirt, or shirt, it can be simple for 100% cotton fabric. 

100% cotton is simple to shrink and requires following the steps:

  1. Wash the clothes in hot water
  2. Put the cotton clothes in the dryer on high heat
  3. Check the clothes throughout the drying cycle to ensure you do not over-shrink them.
  4. When the clothes are of the right size, change the dryer set to low heat.  

How to Shrink a Sweater the Best Way Possible?

If you want to shrink a sweater without ruining the fiber, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Remember that fabrics like mohair or cashmere may ruin during the shrinking process.
  2. If the fabric is wool or cotton blend wool, use hot water to wash it.
  3. Place the sweater in the dryer on medium heat. Avoid high heat as it can damage the fibers and change the sweater’s look.
  4. When you find the sweater is the right size, change the dryer settings and take it out to air dry! 

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on- how to shrink clothes using the safe and correct techniques, please go through this link:

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