How To Maintain A Toilet Seat

The toilet seat has a regular presentation to pee that can fall both on and under the toilet seat, causing yellow stains and a disagreeable smell over the long haul. It can also cause damage to the bracket and other parts attached to the seat. To eliminate stains, microscopic organisms and awful scent, you will need to utilise something explicitly made to focus on these spots and help you tackle that problematic to-arrive at regions as well! Moreover, if you notice that toilet seat brackets have damaged during the cleaning process, you need to replace those with the best quality parts from a reputed plumbing store in the UK.


We will tell you the best way to eliminate stains from your toilet seat and keep it cleaned too. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your toilet is of importance during this period of the COVID-19 infection.

Instructions to clean toilet seat stains 

While it is critical to guard your whole toilet clean and utilise, the toilet seat regularly needs additional consideration. Moreover, your toilet seat has frequent exposure to pee stains that cause the development of microscopic organisms, just as staining and undesirable scents. When you are looking at how to clean toilet seat stains, the ideal item will be something that will help dispose of those stains while leaving your seat both smelling and looking perfect.


Few people will, in general, utilise chlorine dye on toilet seats since it is a solid sanitiser. Nonetheless, because of the skin-on-skin contact related to your toilet seat, you will need to utilise something more secure, gentler and had some expertise in eliminating these extreme stains.

Instructions to eliminate pee stains from a toilet seat 

To clean toilet seat pee stains, ensure you do not wipe simply the highest point of the cover. In the end, when you lift it, you will see that a ton of develop structures under the seat and assembles in the cleft, as well. Likewise, set aside the effort to handle within the cover and the edge of the toilet, also around the hinges at the rear of the toilet seat.

If you consider what to clean a toilet seat with, you need to buy branded toilet seat cleaner for quick and advantageous everyday cleaning on hard, non-permeable materials, such as ceramic seats. They can have used every day and kill 99.9% of microscopic organisms, and cleaning down this space with the wipes consistently will help you about doing a profound clean of your restroom.


When you have additional time, you can eliminate yellow stains from the toilet seat with a profound clean, utilising the best bathroom cleaner. Its foaming activity can handle even the most complex cleaning difficulties, eliminating dirt, grime and other extreme wrecks. Moreover, it leaves behind a fresh, clean fragrance. Kill 99.9% of infections and microscopic organisms in washrooms by following these means.

The most effective method to sanitise a toilet seat 

Pre-clean the surface. Then, splash surface until altogether wet and afterwards leave for 30 seconds before cleaning.

toilet seats

The most effective method to disinfect a toilet seat 

Pre-clean the surface. Then, splash surface until altogether wet and afterwards leave for 10 minutes before cleaning.

If you notice that you require toilet seat brackets during cleaningthen it is wise to contact My Toilet Spare. You can have branded quality toilet parts from them at an affordable price. Call 01482 291992 to place your order.